Event Report – Nant Y Ffrith 110922

With the summer break over, September saw Aqueduct back on form with a return to Pen Y Graig. The rider count continues to be healthy with the regs being open to the end, a total of 69 riders enjoyed a warm start to the day.

14 Pre 65 and 18 Twinshocks made up the core classes of the club with 15 AC Monos and 22 Modern Monos making up the other groups.

4 Novices and 8 Experts enjoyed a great range of sections with 28 Clubman and 28 Intermediates battling it out in the middle classes.

Many thanks to David, Paul and our observers for their reports this month and also all of our riders for the dignified behavior and the period of silence at the start to commemorate the passing of the countries Queen.

Paul Owen – Pre 65 / Intermediate

It was nice to but back after the summer break. And after few minutes silence for our queen we all started our engines as took to the green paths.

Section 1 was so tricky with root after root on the off camber. Then into a tight right turn under the rock face to a slippy rocky climb to a sharp right and exit. That section looked easy but took many marks off the riders.

Section 3 was a basic up down up down on the banking the first part got tricky as the roots became bare and slippy and the next climb was on loose ground. I span lots on the first lap so on the 2nd lap I gave it full throttle and flew up the bank but got to much grip and almost missed the turn. Haha

Section 10 was a steady drop down a bank into a right turn and about 5 metres of rocks that if you got wrong would easy see a slack dab. Then you turned right into a tight left and up a steep bank but the ground was loose and you had no grip.

Again another top trials by a top club

David Riley – Pre 65 / Intermediate

Although the week was a bit low with the passing of the Queen, we . gathered for a 2 minute silence. I rode with Kev Williams and Jim Droughton and the company as always was great. Nant Y Ffrith is such a good venue with such scope it was always going to be a great trial especially with the warm weather.

Section 1 – Up and over a couple of big tree roots to a tight right turn & up the bank turning right downhill and out. The right turn was really tight if you got off line.

Section 2 – Steady right turn up a bank with a step halfway up to the crest then a left turn back down the bank & out. This was tricky on the last lap as a large rock was disturb at the top of the bank

Section 3 – Nice little climb up a steep bank to a cut rocky line, right down the hill and back up a couple of steps to a right turn around a tree and down a steep hill & out.

Section 4 – Up a bank over roots to a tight right turn up a gully and root step at the top. Turning left down the hill to a steep drop to the path level turning right back up the bank & out.

Section 5 – Up and down through a gully to a step to either a tight left turn or turn around a tree. Back into the gully with a right turn and up and out over roots.

Section 6 – Very tight on the first time through. Downhill left and right into the bomb hole. Up the bank to a tight left turn through trees and back into the bomb hole to a tight right 180 over tree roots and up and out to the left.

Section 7 – Tricky section uphill over rocks to a level to a tight downhill right turn back into the rocks with a nasty step down and a turn to the left & out. I got this all wrong on the last lap and needed a parachute as the Cotton gracefully hit the deck. Russ was to slow to get the camera out!!

Section 8 – Narly entrance over rocks to a left turn with awkward rocks to stop your progress. Up a greasy hill to the top of the bank and a left turn back down the bank & out.

Section 9 – Easy entrance to a right turn and up a bank. Travel along and back down into the bottom. Then up over tree roots to a greasy bank to the top. Turning left preparing for the steep downhill drop and out.

Section 10 – Gradual downhill to a steady right turn uphill and over a crop of tight rocks. On the Cotton I had to lift the front wheel to clear the sump. Over the rocks and into an uphill turn to the left, fighting for grip but needing throttle to get to the top of the bank.

All riders I spoke to commented on how good the trial and venue was

Thanks Aqueduct Organisers and all the observers

Observer Soundbites

Well I loved my section, a little difficult for some of the riders, or they said, but everyone said it was an amazing day and enjoyed every minute

Suzanne Jones (Sec 4)

Well my section was a bit challenging for some with a tight turn before going up the bank to finish but no complaints as always everyone enjoyed the day with the aqueduct crew

Christine Samuel (Sec 10)

Before we move into the usual stats, we have to close by once again say a huge thankyou to the club team for all of the effort they put in over the preceding months to make this happen, the observers for still taking the time to support and the land owner as always.

Our next event is on Sunday 9th October at Pen Y Graig Quarry.

Top Places

Pre 65

  • Expert – Chris Garlick, BSA (5)
  • Intermediate – Dave Riley, Cotton (8); Paul Owen, BSA (19); Mark Newman, Francis Barnett (27)
  • Clubman -Steve Walker, Francis Barnett (7); John Dodsworth, BSA (14); Mike Jones, Triumph (18)
  • Novice – Terry Lloyd, Triumph (5)


  • Expert – Richard Webster, Fantic (10); Dave Wood, Bultaco (18); Jim Williams, Honda (56)
  • Intermediate – Keith Burgess, Armstrong (4); Dave Pengilley, Kawasaki (7); Craig Haworth, Fantic (24)
  • Clubman – Matthew Duff, Bultaco (5); Rob Adams, Ossa (10); Phil Cottiga, Fantic (15)
  • Novice – No riders

Air Cooled Mono

  • Expert – Steve Williams, Honda (44); Andrew Williams, Beta (45); Kev Ellis, Yamaha (48)
  • Intermediate – Mike Jones, Gas Gas (4); Daviid Matthews, Yamaha (8); Robin Foulkes, Yamaha (9)
  • Clubman – Adrian Kent, Montesa (7)
  • Novice – Tony Williams, Yamaha (15)

Modern Mono

  • Expert – James Brooks, Beta (11); Hayden Rainford, Honda (79)
  • Intermediate – Paul Edwards, Gas Gas (1); Garry Parr, Montesa (4); Paul Hornsby, Vertigo (13)
  • Clubman – Stephen Hall, Beta (8); Martin Speed, Vertigo (13); Phil Clarkson, Beta (14)
  • Novice – Glynn Roberts, Montesa (13); Gareth Edwards (17)

Observer List

1 – Elwyn

2 – Ian

3 – Ben

4 – Suz

5 – Jeff

6 – Dave

7 – Russ

8 – Roger

9 – Mark

10 – Chrissie


Bikes Classes

  • Pre 65 – 14
  • Twinshock – 18
  • Air Cooled Mono – 15
  • Modern Mono – 22

Route Classes

  • Expert – 8
  • Intermediate – 28
  • Clubman – 28
  • Novice – 4


Pre 65

  • BSA – 5
  • Cotton – 1
  • Francis Barnett – 2
  • Triumph – 5
  • Villiers – 1


  • Armstrong – 1
  • Bultaco – 5
  • Fantic – 4
  • Honda – 1
  • Kawasaki – 1
  • Majesty – 3
  • Ossa – 2
  • Yamaha – 1

Air Cooled Mono

  • Aprilia – 1
  • Beta – 1
  • Fantic -2
  • Gas Gas – 3
  • Honda – 2
  • Montesa-1
  • Scorpa – 1
  • Yamaha – 4

Modern Mono

  • Beta – 5
  • Gas Gas – 5
  • Honda – 1
  • Montesa – 6
  • Sherco – 1
  • Vertigo – 2