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Event Report – Nant Ucha Farm 051123

A return to Nant Ucha Farm was due and on the cards, and as always, this venue did not disappoint. Recent rainfall meant that the fantastic streams at this venue were always going to be challenging and 78 riders took to the woodland to have a good days fun on classic trial style sections. A really good showing of 22 Pre 65’s paired with 18 Twinshocks made up the classic classes with 17 Air Cooled Monos and 21 Modern Mono’s also filling out the entry cards. New observers and new riders were evident (welcome and thank you…) and it was great to see 10 Experts alongside the 4 Novice riders. In the middle classes, 29 Clubman and 35 Intermediate riders finished up the day.

David Matthews- Air Cooled Mono / Intermediates

All the sections were challenging especially with the stream quite high but my favourites were 7,8 and 10 on the green route.

Section 7 – a drop into the stream then a left turn up the stream over a jumble of rocks which were difficult to see because of the water. This was catching quite a few riders out so picked my line and took a dab first lap ,wider turn next lap, 3 cleans.

Section 8 – a nice long section again, ride across the stream, right turn but couldn’t see the rocks for the water so was a bit of a gamble with the line. Got it perfect every time, well happy as it was taking a few marks. The exit was tricky turning back across the stream and had me for a dab. Cracking section!

Section 10 – well loved riding this, mud roots, tight turns, tricky exit. Well after walking and taking some advice from Elwyn, you run your wheel over the rock at the exit, makes the turn easier. Advice taken four cleans.

Big thanks to every one involved, helpers, observers, had a great day’

Stephen Harding – Modern Monos / Clubman

Well where do you start with this one,

First of all as usual a huge thanks to all the Aqueduct team for putting on such a great event again, especially Russ , Mark and co for giving up there Saturday to set out the sections on a cold wet November day and all the observer’s for giving up their Sunday without whom it wouldn’t be possible to have such a great event. A big thanks to the land owner for letting us use this great venue, and Chris deburger for keeping us fed and watered,.

The day started getting everyone parked and it was a bit tight with such a good entry but the sun was shining and most were happy with the parking so with everyone in and the start with the usual talk from Russ at 11o’clock we get underway. 

I was with my usual crew Tony Williams, Alan hotchkis, Alan Dyson and Oliver. We decided to start at the bottom of the wood at section 5.

This was a fairly straightforward section as you drop in through the start gate, in and climb a bit avoiding a rock and climb a bit more over some slippery roots and out of the section. Sounds easy but can catch you out,  

Then into section 6, the start was almost straight after the exit from 5 where you start off from the edge of the stream, then straight away in to the water and head to the other side over some very loose good sized rocks witch were slippery and seemed to move each lap. Then out of the water, up a good sized step on to the wet slippy muddy bank then climb a bit before a left and right then a tight left before a steep drop back into the rocky stream and across out up a bit of a wall and out,  

Section 3, well this one was a bit tricky for me for some reason. You start off from the now very muddy slippery bank, through the start gate and under the trees and down the slope towards the stream. Then drop into the water heading right straight away on to the lose rocks, still heading right before a bit if a left and a tight right back on to the wet slippy bank before climbing left up and out of the section. This, I took some daft dabs off me for the first three laps but managed to clean it on the last one.

Overall I had a great day and once again big thanks to everyone involved, cheers.

Alan Hotchkiss – Modern Mono / Clubman

On arrival at Nant Ucha I was greeted by Steve and Davhe Kynaston , who guided me to a parking spot on nice concrete behind the sheds (Godfather not in sight ). I promptly unloaded and headed off to sign on with the lovely ladies, ordered my customary bacon and hard egg bap,(still no Godfather), I decided I better have a whizz up and down on the 315 and boom, the Godfather………. banter, that’s better. I felt relaxed. Russ gave the meeting and we headed off to section 5 deep in the depths of the forest, welcomed by Mr Barker. It was a straight forward looking slippy off camber meander on the stream bank.

Section 6, well, starting off in a slippery stream across a small babbling rocky fall, up a steep slimes step, around a tree and a dropkick into a deep water (where on lap 2 I misplaced a front wheel resulting in a very cold wild water swim). Across the stream and exit up a greasy step.

Section 8, enter diagonal across a rock stream, up a slippery bank, 180 over a slippery hump, drop back in stream, up a step and immediate right (where I managed a stall ). Then left over rocks and out.

Section 1, pretty straight forward. Observed by Wendy, drop in the stream, 90 right up a bank, drop in, up a bank then 90 left (missed my jelly babies here ,I will bring supplies ).

Section 3 ( Russ,s section). This required 100% concentration due to banter from the clerks of the course. Steady drop in to the stream, 90 right across very loose rocks then exit up a greasy bank with a 90 left exit ( hip puller). All in all a great day and huge congratulations to everybody involved in organising this great sport.

Elwyn Beedles – Air Cooled Mono / Intermediate

After the rain on Saturday we were so blessed to have a lovely sunny day for the trial at the infamous Nant Ucha trials ground. With hardstanding parking courtesy of the Kynaston familys hard work at the venue Geoffers and the parking team had no problem marshalling some 78 riders to a parking spot. With the signing on trailer/awning and catering van already in position we were ready to go. Some folk think this just happens eh Geoff !

I get a bit excited come a Sunday so arrived early and took the opportunity to walk down to see what the team had managed to arrange for us to ride given the weather we had experienced.

The lads Russ, Mark, Barry and  Paul had done a sterling job laying on 10 sections that were all challenging but rideable and safe. Talking with Suzzanne when I arrived setting out in the wet with the soft ground had not done Russ’ recently broken ankle any good and he was visibly limping on Sunday. Appreciate your commitment Russ as always.

Wendy ‘the cake queen’ Smith gave up her day to stand in the cold to watch us through section 1 at the bottom of the field with sections 2, 3 and 4 all up this smaller of the two streams. We will have to find you a chair Wendy like Ian had on section 4.

On a personal note after being fortunate enough to win the club twinshock clubman championship last year I made the somewhat bold decision to move up to the green route this year and challenge myself a little more. Resting the TLR in the garage I moved across Japan to a Yamaha TY mono which I have found a little easier to ride and turn than the Honda. I will admit I have struggled this year with the gap between the yellow and green route but at Nant Ucha I felt it coming together a little more. Russ section 3 was a prime example of the difference. After dropping down to the stream we were met with a large nasty looking tree root to get up and over. Most chose a dab at the top early doors as I did but with encouragement from Russ and Mark then managed to get over it next 3 laps. Progress.

Section 7 overseen by Tony and his lovely daughters Ffion and Niamh was a wet rock jarring affair that caught a few out. I believe both Alan Hotchkiss and Richard Webster took full advantage of the deep water to clean both their bikes and have a bath themselves. Many more of us scrambled through hoping not to hit one of the submerged rocks wrong and end up in the same predicament.

This was swiftly followed by section 8 with Nettie on the pencil ably assisted by her enthusiastic daughter Eva. First time observers it was great to see them and have a chat we all really appreciate your help. Again deep water and invisible rocks it was a real challenge to keep both wheels in the right direction but a rewarding section if it went right.

Llanfyllin trials club head honcho Elwyn Williams gave up another Sunday to observe for us and  watched us through section 10 a long slippy affair with a tricky tree to negotiate at the finish.  Arriving on the third lap we were greeted with Elwyn being taken up the lane by Mark in the buggy. Fearing the worst we were comforted to discover that Elwyn was okay and Dave Wood had kindly offered to take over after having a problem with his Yam. Very sporting and selfless of you Dave thank you

I rode for a while with a old mate from back in the day South Shropshires Nick Woolley on his beautiful thumping Ariel HT 500. Nick is a lovely down to earth lad who has been there, done it and got the tee shirt and is more accustomed to ACU events but he was very impressed and complimentary with the whole set up with the Accy club. Apparently Russ wanted to buy the Ariel off Nick many years ago when they were riding the Sammy Miller events but Nick wouldn’t sell. Russ has never forgiven him but they do have a good laugh about it. The camaraderie and friendships go back years in the trials game and is so heartwarming in this modern world. By his own admittance Nick did not have the best of days but still beat me hands down ! I really take my hat off to you Pre 65 boys on the big old bikes I’d never pick em up ! Respect !

One of the last riders to arrive and sign on after sorting out his farm was Plass Onn landowner Barry Jones. Having helped layout the sections he had a pretty good idea where we were going and promptly went on to win Pre 65 Inters dropping a measly 9 marks. Great ride Barry and we look forward to coming to you for the next trial.

Little Logan Price rode number 33 on the 125 Beta to finish 5th in adult mono clubman dropping only 16 marks. He is a tiny little chap but nothing beats him and he shows great commitment well done Logan.

Paul Smart rocked up on a very trick looking twin shock Fantic in place of his normal TLR. It looked and sounded better than the factory bikes of that era but unfortunately a blocked petrol tank valve spoilt his day. The bike is a credit to you Smartie.

Ian Ramsay joined us for the first time travelling over from Bala with his Beta. New to trials and a friend of Rob Slogg he chose the white route and promptly won his class. By what I saw the yellow route will beckon very soon Ian.

Another improving rider is Paul ‘Corky’ Corfield from the ‘Pontesbury trials riding academy’ riding number 34 on sunday. After dabbling a few times last year with his Cub we persuaded him to pull out his beautifully restored TY for this year and after a few outings on the white route he is finding his feet on the yellow route dropping 26 marks.

Unknown to most of us Chris De Burger had problems with the catering van in the week after discovering the fridge had fallen over presenting him with a messy scrambled egg in amongst the uncooked bacon etc. This coupled to a broken burner valve meant he was coping with a small fridge sitting on the table we normally have outside and half the cooking capacity. No body noticed and the food and service was as good as ever.

Thanks again to everyone involved and roll on the next one can’t wait !

If you have read this far (and I hope you have), you would notice this reports photo is one of our new observers. Without these folk we dont get to do our competitions so dont forget on your last lap just to tip your visor and give them a hearty “thank you”. Remember, Santa is finalising the naughty and nice list and you dont want to be on the wrong one.

Before we move into the usual stats, we have to close by once again say a huge thankyou to the club team for all of the effort they put in over the preceding months to make this happen, the observers for still taking the time to support and the land owner as always.

Top Places

Pre 65

  • Expert – No Riders
  • Intermediate – Barry Jones, BSA (9); Dave Lovell, Triumph (10); Jim Droughton, Triumph (11)
  • Clubman – Steve Walker, Francis Barnett (4); Mat Duff, BSA (8); Tim Lewis, Matchless (10); Keith Goodwin, BSA (10)
  • Novice – Paul Beswick, BSA (28); Damian Morley, Cotton (21)


  • Expert – Chris Garlick, RS220 (14); Mike Jones, Aprilla (56); Tom Austin (103)
  • Intermediate – Robin Foulkes, Armstrong (11); Jeremy Clark, Bultaco (13); Dave Pengilley, Kawasaki (16)
  • Clubman – Oliver Barker, Bultaco (3); Phil Cottiga, Honda (3); Mark Newman, Ossa (6)
  • Novice – No riders

Air Cooled Mono

  • Expert – Patrick Edwards, Yamaha (17); Peter Ruscoe, Gas Gas (33); Kev Ellis, Yamaha (57)
  • Intermediate – David Matthews, Yamaha (5); Jason Trumble, Honda (8); Michael Warburton, Honda (11)
  • Clubman – Stephen Hall, Gas Gas (2); Paul Corfield, Yamaha (26); Tony Williams, Yamaha (49)
  • Novice – No riders

Modern Mono

  • Expert – Richard Webster, Montesa (29); Jordan Bannon, Gas Gas (89)
  • Intermediate – Stuart Parr, Beta (17); Steve Priestley, Sherco (18); Scott Lanzi, TRS (22)
  • Clubman – Jeff Hughes, Beta (7); Gareth Evans, TRS (9); Ken Williams, Beta (9)
  • Novice – Ian Ramsey, Beta (15); Luca Lanzi, Beta (54)

Observer List

1 – Wendy Smith

2 – Dave

3 – Russ

4 – Ian Jones

5 – Brian Barker

6 – Gordon

7 – Ffion

8 – Netty

9 – Pete Edwards

10 – Elwyn


Bikes Classes

  • Pre 65 – 22
  • Twinshock – 18
  • Air Cooled Mono – 17
  • Modern Mono – 21

Route Classes

  • Expert – 10
  • Intermediate – 35
  • Clubman – 29
  • Novice – 4


Pre 65

  • Ariel – 1
  • BSA – 9
  • Cotton – 2
  • Francis Barnett – 1
  • James – 1
  • Matchless – 1
  • Triumph – 5
  • Villiers – 1


  • Aprillia – 1
  • Armstrong – 1
  • Bultaco – 4
  • Fantic – 4
  • Honda – 5
  • Kawasaki – 1
  • Montesa – 1
  • Ossa – 1

Air Cooled Mono

  • Fantic – 1
  • Gas Gas – 4
  • Honda – 1
  • Ossa – 1
  • Scorpa – 1
  • Yamaha – 8

Modern Mono

  • Beta – 7
  • Gas Gas – 6
  • Montesa – 4
  • Sherco – 2
  • TRS – 1

Event Report – Nant y Ffrith 10/09/23

The summer break is over and the autumn / winter campaign started up with a visit to Nant Y Ffrith. It was fitting to return here as it was a favourite practice ground of Kev Williams who we lost at the end of 2022. A couple of the members had recently visited the IOM to sprinkle some of his ashes there and it was a beautiful start to the trial to see a plague remembering Kev unveiled in memory of him.

We had 76 riders turn up for signing on with 12 Pre 65s joining 18 twinshocks and 18 AC Monos. The modern mono class completed the count with 28 bikes. It was nice to see 6 novice riders enjoying the day alongside 11 experts. The middle classes consisted of 29 clubman and 30 intermediate riders.

We have a great set of reports so grab yourself a brew and read on.

Kenton Hackney – Twinshock / Clubman

A poignant beginning to the event as at the pre start talk a touching plaque tribute to Kev Williams was unveiled, well done to all involved. The Clubman route with a few new routes to savour.

Section 1: Cheeky little off camber climb onto another camber with a tricky left in between trees. Deffo a mark taker

Section 2: Ably observed by our newest young observer. A tricky drop off the road with a left turn and a rise between trees which cut up as the day progressed and a twisty right exit.

Section 3: A cambered left climb threading between rocks followed by a descent with a right exit which required good braking skills

Section 4: In the woods, the usual section with new added exit. Small descent with the same rise opposite and a tight turn another small descent and rise. A left round a tree, small descent with a right turn in the dip with a left cambered exit to the end cards

Section 5: A drop off the path, left between the markers with various ways to the exit but it was constantly changing due to rocks being misplaced

Section 6: A pleasant ride taking in stunning views brought us to a tricky small slippy climb with a left turn through over or round a hardened previous section groove/rut. Then a left turn on jagged rocks and small drop back to the road (a very good mark taking section)

Section 7: Another winding ride down to the new addition – the stream. An entry that soon became a deep rut, a small fallen tree obstacle with a turn up a slippery exit and right turn exit between trees (a welcome addition to an already excellent venue let more stream action commence)

Section 8: A tricky climb with a left turn over rocks followed by a tight exit between trees with a tree root on an angle ! definitively a mark taking section

Section 9: Ably manned by Mr Griffiths (who was well at home in the undergrowth). Tricky small drop with a little rise, a left between trees and a constant left turn before dropping into the gulley with a tricky exit climb that became easier as the day continued

Section 10: A dark weave between the trees unveiled a winding drop between trees, a right hand turn, a wall step with a right turn and a tight exit left

Dave Pengilley – Twinshock / Intermediate

After what seemed a very quick summer break it was back to it on Sunday at Nant-y-Ffrith for the latest round of the aqueduct club championship, it was good to catch up with a few riders I had not seen in a while over a coffee before the start.

Prior to the trial starting everybody gathered by section 2 for the pre-trial brief, where a plaque was to be unveiled in memory of Kev, it was nice to see and chat to Kelly and family before the unveiling, Dave Lovell said a few words and then the plaque was unveiled, Kev’s daughter placed a single rose in the vase, this proved to be very emotional for myself and many others I suspect.

Onto the action…..

Section 1: this was a nice straight forward opener but you had to concentrate to make sure the last turn was not approached too fast, just enough room to turn between the trees and a straight run to the outs.

Section 2: was a tricky section very easy to lose the front wheel on the loose earth, glanced over to Kevs plaque as I entered the section thinking about all the chats we had about the isle of man and I was glad that he had the chance to get out there, I will be paying him a visit next time I am over on the Isle of Man, up at Joeys memorial.

Section 3: which was a cracking section on the green route, although this did cause me some concern while walking it as there was a choice of lines and much discussion from Moz & Mark, on which was the best, in over the root to the right, or the smoother but slightly tighter line to the left. the left line chosen, then a turn to the left and over a selection of rocks choice number 2!!!! To the right and risk dislodging the markers, to the left bit risky, or slightly left and fire it up the middle and grabbing the brakes and making the left turn drop to the outs without knocking the observer out of his well-positioned chair. This proved to be the best line for myself which resulted in 4 cleans.

Section 6: looked slippery but it rode well, up a muddy bank, quick left turn then right up another rock-strewn bank, then a tight turn to the outs which you needed the wheels in the ruts for a smooth passage to the outs.  Caught me for a dab on the last lap and with Gordon observing there was no chance it would be missed, 

Onto section 7: a new one in the lower part of the wood where a lot of work had been done to be able to use it, a short run up the brook right turn up a slippery bank and sneak around a large stone, (which was getting smaller as the day went on looking at the gouges and scars on it). Dropping back between a couple of trees and turn for the outs. Russ was there on the first lap keeping an eye on his and Marks section plotting, and saw me drop my first mark of the lap under estimating just how slippery it was, a lack of concentration saw me drop 2 more on the last lap here.

Section 8: proved tricky for me as well dropping marks here on 2 of the 4 laps while others around me cleaned it with ease.

Section 9: was a long section with some technical bits going through the ins from the side made the first turn a little easier but care was needed not to clip the handlebars on the trees, bit of a run to a drop into a tight left turn over rocks then up a rise to the outs. Rode much better than it first looked.

An excellent day’s trialling with a good well thought out long lap which kept any queuing to a minimum, Thanks must go to the organisers, caterers, and to all observers old and new for putting the time and effort in so we the riders can enjoy our sport.

Paul Owen – Pre 65 / Intermediate

Aqueduct classic trials club was back in the picturesque welsh Hills of North wales and with a great turn out of riders and a nice long lap with the sun shining meant one thing….. the championship round 7 of 10. Here is 3 of the sections I rode on my BSA Bantam in the pre65 Intermediate class.

Section 3…. with a slight uphill start you entered the start gate to the left and then a sharp right turn and up a 6ft rooted slippy climb. Into a sharp left that dropped you back down a bit and across a path to some large mossy rocks like steps on a uphill climb. It was very tricky and the rocks became slippy. Once over them you had another sharp left turn that dropped you down some uncovered roots to the out gate. Not many cleaned this section. I managed it on my 2nd lap but on my 3rd lap I was over the bars. Face planted the ground and managed to get my leg trapped in the forks. God knows how. Haha.

Section 6…. you rode into the section and up a muddy rocky rise and turned sharp left. Surprisingly it was very grippy. But then you dropped down over damp greasy rocks and up a muddy clay like climb to the right that was easy to spin up on. Once you crested the top you had to be careful of the loose rocks and a groove had formed in the sticky slippy mud on the left turn towards the out gate.

Section 10…. You entered a opening in the trees and it became dark damp and slippy on the slimy uncovered tree roots as you droped down to the section. Once at the start gate you immediately droped down a very steep drop and the tree roots were all bare and felt like ice if you touched the front brake. You had to do a figure “S” between the trees on the drop down and then to a sharp right turn towards the remains of a stone wall and ride over the top of it. The rocks seemed to move every lap as well. Then you did another S bend turn on a off camber back and to the out gate.

It was a very enjoyable and challenging tricky trials. Another great venue by the club. Big thanks to all involved and to the observers for a great day out.

Ian Emery – AC Mono / Intermediate

Always a pleasure to ride at Nant Y Frith and Sunday was brilliant again.  The day started with the unveiling of Kev’s memorial which was so well done by all involved and appreciated by family, club officials, and riders all deep in thought paying their respects. 

A few of my favourite sections.

Section 2: A nod to Kev on entry, dropping past the memorial and onwards to a 180° left turn to approach a double root step with little run up. Once over that a swooping right turn up the bank to drop down to the end cards. Easy to get in trouble and I was pleased with 4 cleans.

Section 3: This was a tricky one. The start was a climb between two trees followed quickly by a tight left. Tyre marks showed a choice of line – either a straight up blast over a slippy angled root or a more controlled meander where keeping momentum was key. I chose the latter each lap without issue. Following that was a short traverse over some loose rocks to a collection of scary big rocks. The first two were split with a V but that line meant the next monster rock became a big step to get up and over. If you made it there was a tight left turn on a steep bank before a descent to the end cards. First lap I flew up the middle cresting the big rock and managed the turn and descent for a clean. Second and third lap I tried the same but struggled to get enough grip to launch me over the big rock without foot assistance. Fourth lap I watched Moz take a high line to the right and got on top of the big rock but slam-dunked left. With trepidation I tried to copy his line but didn’t have the strength to hold on at the crest and stalled for a 5. 

Section 4: A natural hollow used before but yet another new route was set. A series of swoops, down, across, up, 180° turns in between, to a tricky steep root covered climb with little run up. Easy to fail without enough speed but also easy to hit the tree at the top with too much. Managed to go clean each time, very pleased. 

Section 7: Water and mud!! Never seen before at this venue. The start was through a deepish dirty puddle into the stream, straight for a few yards before a 90° right and a blast up a sticky muddy embankment with several wheel slots to choose from. At the top was a massive rock and a choice of 3 lines for a 180° right turn – either hug the perimeter left of the rock but mind your footrest, straight over the rock, or inside it to the right. I chose the perimeter but the key to success was keeping left during the climb as slipping right would give problems. Managed 3 cleans then a slack dab on lap 4.

Section 8: This was more tricky than it looked! Through the in cards to a tight right on a camber just before a hill climb which got steeper and steeper as it threaded through the trees. If you made the first turn without the front washing out the rest was straight forward but if the front misbehaved it made the climb a lot more tricky as I found out on one lap.

Section 9: Another natural basin and a great new variation. Into the section to an immediate tight 180° right turn, dropping into a dip to a nasty climb out between two trees. Not much room for error as I found out on one lap. A meander along the top of the hollow to the far end where a drop in was followed by a slippy rocky step which was best taken at reasonable pace keeping the front wheel high and letting the rear float the step.  Got it spot on twice but also had a 2 and a 1. 

Some well thought out sections, I really enjoyed the day so thanks as usual to all who made it happen. Apologies to those I nearly knocked over when my Gasser kept dropping into gear by itself, launching me into the air several times. An issue caused by a broken neutral detent spring which I discovered on strip down the next day. All fixed now and ready for Pen Y Graig. 

Mike Griffiths / Observer / Section 9

Returning back to haunt some of you, I was pleasantly surprised with the remarkable tribute to Kev.. One of the nicest men I have ever met in the trials world. Those who knew him will never forget that smile..  

Well out to my section (9) and a bit of a cracker. Nice and easy to clean but also easy enough to get a point or 5 off the unsuspecting. The Cheshire set disappointed me and no marks dropped.. Beta Bert was really concentrating and failed to drop any score as did Pinkey Hackney. Tony Williams stopped just short of the end flags with of all things a broken timing chain . Bit of bad luck there.

One or two clenched buttock moments were had with Moz having the most interesting as the Bantam front wheel slid across a log , nearly taking Moz into the “kitty litter” (nettles) . Not quite a stop but he escaped through the end flags only to go back to his motor for an underwear change.

Some really interesting bikes and the big Ariel  Nick Woolley rode was my favourite with the Panther of Les Richardson a close second. Dave Pengilly kept his Kwaka clean in more ways than one and Robin Foulkes and his rare Armstrong kept to the correct route on my section. 

Sunshine and smiles were the order of the day but a few red route riders did try the luxury of brushing an arm on the trees.

In my section ??????????  Yes eyes up my what ever and miserable with it.

 Any gripes from this side of the trial ?  No it was a grand event , no disputes or eye batting , just a superb event and only 18% of riders forgot to say thanks.

Before we move into the usual stats, we have to close by once again say a huge thankyou to the club team for all of the effort they put in over the preceding months to make this happen, the observers for still taking the time to support and the land owner as always.

Top Places

Pre 65

  • Expert – No riders
  • Intermediate – Paul Owen, BSA (15); Nick Woolley, Ariel (18); Mike Jones, Triumph (19)
  • Clubman -Steve Walker, Francis Barnett (1);Andy Steele, BSA (10); Alan Dyson, BSA 32)
  • Novice – Terry Lloyd, Triumph (14)


  • Expert – Paul Smart, Honda (20); Jim Williams, Honda (26);Andrew Williams, Honda (46)
  • Intermediate – David Pengilley, Kawasaki (7); Robin Foulkes, Armstrong (9); Tim Cuffin, Majesty (12)
  • Clubman – Phil Cottiga, Honda (7); Kenton Hackney, Honda (7); Darren Riley, Bultaco (8)
  • Novice – Graham Seagar, Bultaco (40)

Air Cooled Mono

  • Expert – Peter Ruscoe, Honda (3);Steve Williams, Honda (26); Kev Ellis, Yamaha (27)
  • Intermediate – Craig Barkley, Yamaha (9); Michael Warburton, Yamaha (14); Stephen Richards, Yamaha (15)
  • Clubman – Stephen Hall, Gas Gas (7); Paul Corfield, Yamaha (37); Neville Kirkham, Yamaha (54)
  • Novice – No riders

Modern Mono

  • Expert – Jordan Bannon, Gas Gas (25)
  • Intermediate – Mike Smith, Montesa (9); Paul Edwards, Gas Gas (14); Norman Tarbuck, Beta (15)
  • Clubman – Bert White SR, Beta (1); Gareth Evans, TRS (2); Ken Williams, Beta (5)
  • Novice – Mike Sutton, Beta (12); Glyn Roberts, Montesa (19); Andrew Bloor, Montesa (29)

Observer List

1 – John Sowden

2 – Suz / Jess

3 – Ian Jones

4 – Neil Roberton

5 – Dave

6 – Gordon

7 – Steve Jones

8 – Mark

9 – Mike Griffiths

10 – Brian Barker


Bikes Classes

  • Pre 65 – 12
  • Twinshock – 18
  • Air Cooled Mono – 18
  • Modern Mono – 28

Route Classes

  • Expert – 11
  • Intermediate – 30
  • Clubman – 29
  • Novice – 6


Pre 65

  • Ariel – 2
  • BSA – 4
  • Drayton Villiers – 1
  • Francis Barnett – 1
  • Panther – 1
  • Triumph – 3


  • Aprillia – 1
  • Armstrong – 1
  • Bultaco – 3
  • Fantic – 2
  • Honda – 6
  • Kawasaki – 1
  • Majesty – 2
  • Ossa – 1
  • Yamaha – 1

Air Cooled Mono

  • Aprilia – 1
  • Fantic – 1
  • Gas Gas – 4
  • Honda – 3
  • Scorpa – 1
  • Yamaha – 8

Modern Mono

  • Beta – 11
  • Gas Gas – 6
  • Montesa – 5
  • Scorpa – 1
  • Sherco – 2
  • TRS – 1
  • Vertigo – 2

Event Report – Plas Onn 020723

It was back in February when we last visited this incredible venue and it was great to get the riders back there for Round 6 of the club championship but also the inaugural event where the Plas Onn Trophy is contested. This has been created in memory of one of our members we sadly lost last year and will be presented for the highest placed Pre-65 Intermediate (the class contested by Kev Williams).

The event took place with weather in our favour and the 75 bikes were broken down with 22 Pre-65’s, 17 Twinshocks, 15 AC Monos and 21 Modern Monos.

Dont forget that Aqueduct Classics now has a new class for Pre 2000 water-cooled and we are looking forward to seeing this class start up!

A light entry on Experts saw only 1 riders in that class and with 3 Novices also entering the balance was made up with 40 Inters and 31 Clubman riders.

Our event report starts with a brilliant write up that gives a great insight into how your days sports actually comes together………

Jan and Geoff Jones – Organisers view

I suppose we could say the starting point for an event is the first day after the previous event. This of course is after the results are finalised, the paperwork forwarded to the AMCA making sure the permit for the
next event is applied for, at the same time as ensuring all fees and insurances have been paid. And so it begins again with any issues which could be encountered to be sorted before entries are opened. This is the reason why we need to delay sometimes before opening to ensure that everything is in place. We have land owners to contact to make sure we have a venue, PR letters to write and deliver, which has become a very necessary part of appeasing local residents living in close proximity to any of our venues such as Pen Y Graig and Nant Y Ffrith. Signs to be printed and readied to advise the public of our forth coming event and notify local authorities about our presence in close proximity to footpaths.

Wednesday is bib washing day transforming the house into a look alike Chinese laundry and finding out who the culprits are that haven’t return their bib in the hope of having a guaranteed ride next time. The
time taken to identify the missing bibs highlights the importance of making sure that they are returned at the end of every event.

On to the entries. We liaise with Rob Sloggett our website supremo to agree a date and time for opening the entries. Once opened we monitor the entries in our mailbox, and payments through the various payment methods which we accept. The online entry system makes it easier for us to control the number of rider where we have parking restrictions or restricted entry numbers. We inform our caterer Chris De Burger of the
approximate numbers to ensure that no rider goes without his breakfast. It is also better for the rider on the day as it reduces queues at signing on gives way to a more relaxed atmosphere.

The week leading up to the event. Publish the entry list and wait for the phone to start pinging with messages either starting with “sorry but”
or “any chance”. I must impress that neither of these are a problem to us. Contacting the folk that can hopefully observe for us because as you are aware these people who are so generous with their time are also instrumental in the running of the event and we cannot thank them enough. This is why it is so important that a word of thanks from the rider is really appreciated. Preparing and printing event paperwork which includes the permit, signing on sheets, observer list, riders brief,
observer sheets, and entry forms with the declaration for those who turn up on the day. Time to tidy and prepare the trailer ensuring all paperwork is available in its place ready for the day. Observer bags sorted in numerical order containing observer bored, score sheet, high vis vest, radio and most importantly a working pen. Flags, start and end boards washed and accounted for.

Bright and early Saturday morning section set setters head off and spend the best part of a day finding a marking out some tasty sections for you to conquer.

Sunday morning day of the event. Up early after possibly little or no sleep worrying about the event, the parking, the neighbours and
everything in between. First task is to mark the road so that we don’t have any riders going astray although this doesn’t help those who have made their way to the wrong location and are waiting for the gates to open ‘Tim Lewis’. Arriving at the venue we prepare for the onslaught of the riders trying to keep one step ahead of them. On go the officials vests and the welcoming smiles. The obligatory parking attendant shouting directions which in some cases falls on deaf ears to his dismay. Observers are taxied to their respective section in time to work out the four routes that they will be keeping a close eye on. 10:50 AM riders brief and
they’re all sent on their way. All officials on most days then have to carry out their second role, to ‘man’ a section as an observer and to witness the pleasure on the smiling faces with the occasional grimace or two.

After the event. All flags are collected and observers transported back to the start area where farewells said to a happy looking group of folk, which enhances the satisfaction that it gives us of running the event. With the trailer loaded and hitched up we head homeward bound not forgetting to retrieve the orange arrows on the way. Once home the equipment is stashed and then it’s time to compile the results and reflect on a successful day.

Karl Kavanargh – Twinshock / Intermediate & Logan Price – Modern Mono / Clubman

We turned up at this familiar venue and was pleasantly surprised to find we were going to ride some new sections.  Logan hasn’t ridden for a while being busy with motocross and grass track.  I myself have been a bit of a winter hobby rider. 

After the riders briefing, we made our way together to section 1, green route took us down a bank, along an off camber and a fairly tight and tricky turn at the end. I managed to clear it as I did all-day but Logan had a 5 straight away loosing grip on the tight turn. 

We then carried onto section 2 which, I think, was Gordons section. A steep climb and turn out on an off camber, didn’t give me any problems during the day but took a couple of marks off Logan. 

Over to, I think section 3, which was observed by Dave. Under the close scrutiny of Ian Emery and followers I managed to negotiate the dusty turn off the bank although later in the day I lost traction for a 5. Logan didn’t seem to have any problems on this section only dropping a 3. 

Section 4, if I have this right was observed by a lady and took 5 points from Logan but didn’t seem to give me any trouble. Section 5 was a pleasant ride across the field to the very bottom of the site usually very wet and slippery. A drop into a small gully with a tricky climb out, I managed to 5 this twice, once fumbling the exit and falling in the ditch. Second 5, Logan told me ” that I had missed the start marker”, steady ride for Logan dropping 6. 

Short ride up the field to section 6 which was observed by one of my old yellow route competitors Steve Blackburn, this was quite a tricky zig zag along the stream bed which I had a steady ride on and Logan dropping 6 marks.

A dry ride for a change up to section 7 with Mark Samuel observing. Logan had a great ride on this not dropping any points, where as I hesitated and lost a few points.  Back down onto the lane to meet our local hero John Sowden at the bridge over the stream section 8.

This was a zig zag up and down the banks with a tricky for me 90 degree climb out. Only managed to take a couple of points of me where-as Logan cleaned it. After getting our pictured taken with John we arrived at section 9 with Russ observing a loose rocky ride up the stream with another dreaded 90 degree turn out. I manage to only drop 4 points here which I was happy with, Logan commented he enjoys these types of sections and had a steady ride with 6 points. 

Last section, 10. Tricky climb with a turn at the top of the bank I fumbled it once and watched Jed take a good tumble on it, Logan dropped a few points on this section but no 5’s. Shortly after this we got split up and Logan managed the last 3 laps all by himself with me checking in with observers asking has number 6 come through with Gordon commenting he just been through here like a bat out of hell. 

Great trial big confidence booster for Logan with many of his regular friends riding championship events further afield,  we are happy just to get out as much as possible.

Thank you to all observers and Aqueduct team for giving us a great day out.

Steve Harding – Modern Mono / Clubman

I got there early to help out with setting up and parking, nice bacon butty and a decent brew from Chris DeBurger to start the day. It was great to see you all and say good morning on arrival and point everyone down to Geoff to get you all parked up, 

Start time 11 o’clock with a briefing from the main men ,some good father son banter. So we get underway,  my usual crew, Tony Williams and Alan Hotchkis with Alan Dyson made our way down to the bottom field to start at section 5, 

Section 5: You start off from the bank of the stream and drop down a bit into the water and straight up the opposite bank over some exposed roots out on to the opposite side, then tight 180 left and drop back down between two trees in to the stream and a tight right on to the slippery rocks. Then follow the stream up over the very slippery loose rocks and then a left back up the bank and out of the section. Sounds easy but can catch you out.  

Section 7: After coming off the main track up the very off camber bank up to the start  you enter into the section and straight away you are on some very dry almost sand like soil. Just follow the ruts and turn right up over some roots and carry on up the slippy trail and then reach a bit of a ridge before turning a tight left between two trees then drop back down the very off camber bank. Then out of the section, I thought that getting in and out of the section was harder than the section itself,  haha. 

Section 9: One of the toughest of the day I thought, You start off from the opposite side of the stream from the observer (Russ) where you drop down a bit into the section. Straight away into the water where you turn left then straight away up the stream, over some good sized rocks which had moved on every lap. Then up a bit of a step before turning a tight right round the large tree and the up the slippery bank and out of the section, 

I dropped quite a few preventable dabs on the day but that’s how it go’s some times,  overall I really enjoyed the day. Sections were spot on as usual. Big thanks to all the aqueduct team for putting on such a great event again and all the observer’s for giving up there Sunday. Well done everyone.

Before we move into the usual stats, we have to close by once again say a huge thankyou to the club team for all of the effort they put in over the preceding months to make this happen, the observers for still taking the time to support and the land owner as always.

We now move into the Summer Break so have a rest and see you all back in September.

Top Places

Pre 65

  • Expert – No riders
  • Intermediate – Norman Tarbuck, Dratyon Bantam (2); Jim Droughton, Triumph (8); Carl Winstanley, James (12
  • Clubman – Steve Jones, BSA (8); Paul Brimelow, Cotton (21); Stephen Leyshon, James (27)
  • Novice – Terry Lloyd, BSA (7); Kevin O’Toole, BSA (51)


  • Expert – Tom Austin, Honda (54)
  • Intermediate – Dave Pengilley, Kawasaki (8); Paul Whittaker, Fantic (9); Robin Foulkes, Armstrong (13)
  • Clubman – Phil Cottiga, Honda (7); Kenton Hackney, Honda (8); Oliver Barker, Bultaco (11)
  • Novice – No riders

Air Cooled Mono

  • Expert – No riders
  • Intermediate – Ian Tracey, Ossa (2); Keith Burgess, Yamaha (6); Michael Warburton, Honda (14)
  • Clubman – Rob Adams, Fantic (14); Stephen Hall, Gas Gas (29); Paul Corfield, Yamaha (47)
  • Novice – No riders

Modern Mono

  • Expert – No riders
  • Intermediate – Mark Blackwell, Beta (5); Mike Smith, Montesa (13); Stuart Parr, Beta (15); Craig Tarbuck, Beta (15)
  • Clubman – Ken Williams, Beta (7); Gareth Evans, Vertigo (9);
  • Novice – Andrew Bloor, Montesa (30)

Observer List

1 – Elwyn

2 – Wendy

3 – Gordon

4 – Dave

5 – Jeff

6 – Steve

7 – Mark

8 – John

9 – Russ

10 – Brian


Bikes Classes

  • Pre 65 – 22
  • Twinshock – 17
  • Air Cooled Mono – 15
  • Modern Mono – 21

Route Classes

  • Expert – 1
  • Intermediate – 40
  • Clubman – 31
  • Novice – 3


Pre 65

  • AJS – 1
  • Arial – 1
  • Bitza – 1
  • BSA – 7
  • Cotton – 1
  • Drayton Bantam – 2
  • James – 2
  • Triumph – 7


  • Armstrong – 1
  • Bultaco – 3
  • Fantic – 4
  • Honda – 8
  • Kawasaki – 1

Air Cooled Mono

  • Fantic – 2
  • Gas Gas – 4
  • Honda – 1
  • Ossa – 1
  • Scorpa – 2
  • Yamaha – 5

Modern Mono

  • Beta – 9
  • Gas Gas – 3
  • Montesa – 4
  • Scorpa – 1
  • Sherco – 1
  • Vertigo – 1