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Kia Event Report – Plas Onn (Feb 19)

Event Report by Rob Sloggett, Paul Norman, Eirian Davies, Ian Emery, Trevor Bennett and Steve Blaxall

With the weather report good and the pre-entered list running at 170, there was a good vibe at the opening round of the 2019 Kia Championship. Aqueduct Classics now veterans at hosting a round (this being their 4th time), had the honour once again of hosting the opening round and chose to return to Plas Onn, the venue for the 2018 opener. Those riders who contested the round last year knew that they were in for a varied set of sections mainly comprising of banked sections with good root / rock combinations or some great stream sections with cascading waterfalls and a great deal of hidden rocks.

As this had been months in the planning, a strong backbone of observers had been secured with the longer sections having two in place and the team had been studious in creating some great new sections to tempt riders and keep the interest keen.

If you are reading this article, do not forget to explore the additional tabs across the top. The Bike Stats one gives a great breakdown of the differences in the classes and bikes compared to last year. It does make interesting reading.

We kindly have 3 articles from riders and two from observers and I will warn readers now that in most cases they are the “raw” text direct from the named author. A few choice words have been edited out for our younger readers but in most cases its how I received it….

It all starts with a report from Paul Norman who decided to set himself a challenge and contest this years rounds on an RTX. This little known trials bike is little known for a reason, but I will leave him to report why!

Paul Norman – RTX. Twinshock Clubman

So the weekend started off well with the “Crazy Gang” all meeting up in the Griifin Inn, Oswestry to be humbled at the Rugby. (Ed note – for those reading at a later date, England had just been beaten by Wales in the 2019 six nations). Works riders in abundance, Butch Robson, Ossy Beers, Fuji Gilbert, Ludvig Granby, Darren Walker & Kev Ellis (our Local Guide). The drinking all went as planned and we were all pleased to get to Chris De Burgers Butty van for Butties and Coffee. Then the serious stuff starts!

Ludvig the Master Spanner goes to fettle the carb on the Works RTX which wont rev out, gets it better so we decide to try it. We go to the briefing, let everyone ride off and get a coffee. Like true works riders.

We blundered on Section 13 so we started there. A Soft Five and Scrappy three being my best effort

Section 14: More Like it, Nice beck & a couple of cleans

Section 15: A steady clean on the first lap but a slack 2 bouncing off the roots on the second lap

Section 16: Clean on the first lap with a soft dab whilst bouncing all over the place on the second

Section 17: Nice pair of cleans

Section 18: A good section with a tricky run up a root by a tree. No speed, no grip and a dab each lap was a good result, oh and a big thanks to my spotter Liz Kenyon for giving me the line !!!

Section 19: A couple of cleans which I was happy with

Section 20: Me old Mate JD and Gillian Lawson were there with the Camera’s Out, no pressure. The first lap the RTX was choking up and I struggled out for a 2 nearly running Dicko Over, 2nd lap, 2nd gear and it flew out. Quick pit stop on both laps at the van to guzzle some fluids down and change some Carb Jets

Section 1: Nice beck section and a couple of cleans

Section 2: Same again

Section 3: Same again up and over the field to section 4. Pair of cleans again, its all going too well

Section 5: Observed by my good friend Roger Kenyon, AKA the Voodoo Man. 1st lap all going well, till I went right over the bars 2nd last turn from the end & same again on lap 2

Section 6: Good section but couldn’t get grip or power / speed at the exit and had a couple of slack 2’s

Section 7: Proper section but not on an RTX …..Short of power / grip & speed. A 3 on lap 1 and a couple on the 2nd

Section 8: I bump into the legendary works Honda Moped rider FUJI GILBERT who levels the section and puts the pressure on. I end up with a 2 & a dab

Section 9: A Couple of cleans

Section 10: It all goes pear shaped under the eyes of the two legends, Granty & Lusky ( And Ludvig ). Lap 1, up round the tree in first, change in to 2nd, down the bank open the throttle and go backwards as your in neutral. Numpty moment. 2nd lap, rev the nuts off it in first, did the job…

Section 11: The highlight of my day. Two crap 5’s. But I could have sat and watched the observer all day, must have been a dozen riders ringing the Samaritans just after they thought they’d got out the section only to find they’d had a five & I’m not moaning, he was consistent so fine by me, and there was a few on their bums too

So to Section 12 and me old mate Trevor with the legend Andy Gardner watching. No pressure then. Throttle wide open, no style & a couple of cleans

All in all a great days fun ………I could hardly move on Monday ….I was battered and bruised but that’s sport ….

A massive thanks to all the organising crew as to cope with 170 riders is no mean feat. I never saw some riders all day. Thanks to Ludvig for keeping me and my bike going, I couldn’t do it with out you. Thanks To Fuji Gilbert for embarrassing me and everyone else on the moped. Thanks to Eirian Davies for making me look good & sober  (Ed note – see next report!) Nice to see Lusky back and well done to all of the class winners especially Dean Deveraux. Finally thanks to Gerry & Freddy for the tireless work they do …it is really appreciated

But mostly thanks to the Guy that designed the RTX …..He knew bugger all about trials riding !!!!

Brilliant trial today- well out of my depth, but had a great time Haven’t felt so knackered at the end of a trial for a long time. Apologies to the observers I forgot to thank (not used to 2 lap format). Thanks to all involved – Ken Williams

Eirian Davies – Fantic 200. Twinshock Clubman

Trial was brilliant, just don’t go to rugby match day before and drink any booze! fell off all the time, lucky I had taxi. Very plonkish rider, but ok here goes….

Got blitzed on Saturday, in Cardiff, fell out of bed at 5am Sunday, phone noises, wife with foot pushing me out bed, luckily taxi picking me up 05:30. Drive up from Llanelli, interesting, 3 stops because I felt like a milk shake.

Signed on with 2 blondes to die for, Jan gives me money for something which I quickly lose. My mates ?? taking great urine out of my state. Kia staff look at me like I’m wierd.

Start at Sec 19, clean, 20 clean, too easy? then 3 x 5s on the trot, want to go home.

Being a hard little so and so, I keep going. It was a mixed ride. Roger Kenyon, good friend, not impressed when I say ogi ogi ogi to him, gives me a 3 when definately a clean then hit the section with the observer who shouts (think its 11). Go for it and hit deck on my backside, big bruise and the rest of lap don’t remember!

Second lap seems to get into normal mode and get some cleans in but the damage was done. Ultimately a cricket score, laugh a lot so it does not matter!

Good club, dedicated organisers who are also real humans. I will try to come and ride more of their events, but no booze! I lent my spare bike to a pal who only been riding a year and beats me, he has not stopped talking all week. Life’s good….

Thanks for a great trial yesterday,nice to have a day out riding with friends,Anthony Charles and Paul Cook. We all suffered handicaps with Pauls bike misfirenig like a pig, Anthonys shocks taking half an hour to decompress and me riding with one eye,which between us provided some great entertainment – Adrian Kent

Ian Emery – Yamaha TY Mono. AC Mono Clubman

A brief outline of 4 sections over the far hill.

Section 5: With Roger Kenyon’s beady eyes watching me, I approached the steep downhill entrance to the section and readied myself for a squirt of throttle to climb the first muddy slot up to the right. This was followed by a 180 left to then drop down another muddy slot where a 90 right was found. With little run up, the next challenge was a slippy clay bank with polished roots and a camber which sent you left and into a tree if you weren’t careful. I saw a few struggle for grip spinning out for a 5 which had me pondering using 2nd. Decided on 1st and got more grip than I expected, flying past the tree on one wheel and needing a dab to bring it down for the rooty 2 foot step that followed just before the end cards. Cleaned it second lap letting the Yam cruise past the tree on a falling throttle.

Section 6: Steve Walker looking after this one. Started along the fence on a slippy clay bank, into a slot before traversing a jumble of rocks to a 90 right to then cross a slippy rock slab with awkwardly placed rocks catching the front as you dropped off it, a 180 left, across the bank, to a 180 right with a few metres to get settled for the final climb out. This climb was steep and the upper half was criss-crossed with a lattice of polished exposed tree roots. A choice to tip-toe left and pick a path up or a fast ascent straight over the roots. I saw a few failures, either too slow to the left losing momentum, or too much power on trying to cross the roots, losing the rear and falling sideways. I gave the Yam a handful prior to the roots and it gripped perfectly meaning I had enough momentum to shut off over the slippy bits and fly up to the ends. Two cleans for me, very happy.

Secton 7: Steve and Graham sharing the observing here. A cross camber entrance into a shallow, wet, slippy stream, with an immediate tight right scrubbing any speed, before a long, twisty climb over loose rocks, where momentum was needed but difficult to gain. Decided on 2nd, approached the first turn, a gentle amount of throttle ( so I thought) only to find the rear trying to overtake the front and steering me to the right and totally off-line and all speed gone. Managed to struggle out for a 3 but was more careful second lap and managed a clean.

Section 8: Tim and Ange in charge here. Started with a tight left over loose, slippy rocks followed by a tight right, to a steep slippy clay bank with little run up. Once over this you dropped into a muddy berm, swooping left, with a nasty hidden root part way round. After this turn was a wheelie/bunny hop over a fallen tree quickly followed by a right turn, up hill and over a narrow step between two trees, the left one showing the scars of grabbing a footrest or two and I saw several people getting stuck here. I managed a 2 and a 1, could have been better but could have been a lot worse. All in all, I really enjoyed my day and was very pleased with my score. I only had one 5, running over a marker on S13, a couple of 3s but lots of 1s.

Thanks to Russ and co. for the day and to the large number of observers who gave their time.

Great trial at Plas Onn I was a bit out of my comfort zone from the usual yellow route I ride .But felt really chuffed to have a few cleans on sections that Felt were too hard for me Finally achieved my goal of a 100 break shame its at trials and not snooker – Rob Goodwin

Trevor Bennett – Section 12

Firstly could I just say they were lucky on Sat and it’s only ‘poshboys’ kickclapclapclapclap rugby not proper council estate rugby like we have up north. The trial from Section 12 ( I was down for section 2 but Russ took pity on me and sat me in the sun all day) tucked into a quarry at the back of a barn. Nothing sets me off more on a Sunday than the sound of hidden bikes starting up after the trial talk and start appearing on there way out to sections. Lots of handshakes and well wishes as riders came past at the bottom of the lane and off they went. An hours wait as some started at sec 13 but when my first victims arrived it was a steady flow for the next 5 hours. I was in good company all day with lots of faces coming in for a chat. Lot’s of banter to and fro and plenty of just general insults, love it. The section was good and long (how I like them) and I had a good vantage point of it all. It never ceases to amaze me the different ways we approach riding a section and I wasn’t let down this time. From the perfectly poised to the slap dash, the looks like he knows what he’s doing to the hasn’t got a clue and never will have ( I fit in here) to the excuse mongers (Eirian I’m still pissed) and the right let’s have it brigade. It all makes for a brilliant day. A good spread of points and quite a few from riders who I wasn’t expecting to dab. Riders falling off where no one else did, Colin made me smile and riders showing off and it going tits up. Lunch provided and brews from our Dawn and Trevs a happy lad. All in all a wonderful day in beautiful surroundings and wonderful people, thankyou. Right I just need to sort the turbo on my van and we will be ready for the next one. Many thanks to all who helped me out, Richard and Shani. Jan Geoff Jones. Russell Jones, Russell and Suzanne Bowkett thanks mates.

I  agree with all my fellow observers, you guys n gals put in loads of effort through the year so its good to give a little back.See you for the March Accy round – Steve Walker

Steve Blaxall – Section 7

This was my first time at officially observing, but I offered my services when the call was made for observers by Russ at Aqueducts first trial of the year. Russ had asked would i bring a bike.( He’s all ready got a plan in mind)I arrived feeling a little nervous at the responsibility of the task in hand. I reported to Russ at sign in. He told me i was paired with Graham Pennington on the section 7 . Having Practiced with Graham and not being on my own i felt a lot more relaxed.

Section 7 indeed required two observers.We hatched a plan after seeing one observer could not see all the section. I would be at the bottom of the climb on the bend (in all the sunshine!) and Graham would be towards the top of the section. I would signal the riders in and score to the corner, Graham would then take over.The system worked and we had an enjoyable day.

Both routes had a short downhill start that was a little tricky over some roots which caught the odd dab for the clubman. Then a blind right hand turn into a loose rocky uphill stream. The red route had the same start but made the turn early over the roots /base of an up turned tree. The clubman route went beyond and around this.

Both were now faced with the task of getting up the stream with its loose minimal grip surface. Speed was what seemed to be required to overcome the lack of grip. It was interesting seeing how obvious lines appeared then disappeared as when the red route boys turned up they cut up the clubman path.

Most Memorable ride for me has to go to Ben Butterworth. Very early on, when no obvious line had been formed,he just went up there like a march hare. Plenty of speed and forward motion, rebounding and digging back in. Brought a smile, a joy to watch.

Ive got to say, whilst I was unable to get to this years event due to work, this reads as not juat one of the best club reports but also I think our best Kia round one (and thats not taking anything away from the reports we have had before! I think the report really brings out the spirit of the Kia Championship but also illustrates a little bit of the personality of Aqueduct Classics as a club.

As well as the usual thanks to all of the observers, organisers, back room staff, support team, land owner etc etc (and I leave you with Russ’s soundbite below from facebook to close that out), I would like to wish all of the riders in the subsequent rounds, the best of luck, keep safe and above all enjoy yourselves, after all it just a bit of fun on a Sunday isnt it?

Rob Sloggett (Report Editor)

Hi folks sorry this abit late from yesterday’s event but would like to thank … Graham Pennington, Steve Bee, Steve Walker, Anglea, Angela Godsmark, Tim Godsmark, Gordon, Harry, Dave Murphy, Roger Kenyon, Trevor Bennett, Izzy Cartwright, Tony Cartwright, Paul Hempkins, Roger Smith, Keith Jones, Peter Thomas, Celyn, Mark Newman, Alan Dyson and Colin Davies with out you we couldn’t of run the event as smoothly as it did. A long day but we really do appreciate your help THANKYOU….. aqueduct team x

Top Places:

Twinshock Expert: Chris Koch, Fantic (12); Richard Allen, Gori (33); Matt Spink, Fantic (37)

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S Expert: Dean Devereux, Bultaco (8); Dave Wood, Bultaco (45); Stephen Bisby, Ossa (54

Monoshock Expert: Steve Bird, Yamaha (9); Ben Butterworth, Fantic (10); Dan Sanders, Yamaha (18)

British Bike Expert: Ian Peberdy, BSA (19); Nick Paxton, BSA (23); Yrjo Vesterinen, BSA (23)

Clubman Class

Twinshock Clubman: Martin Gilbert, Honda (13); Jim Williams, SWM (14); Dave Pengilley, Kawasaki (17)

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S Clubman: Martin Beech, Ossa (14); Dave Wardell, Montesa (23); Butch Robson, Montesa (28)

Monoshock Clubman: Jerry Hawker, Honda (1); Andy Perry, Yamaha (26); Darren Morgan, Fantic (27)

British Bike Clubman – Robin Luscombe, Matchless (8); John Chatto, James (10); Peter Edwards, Drayton (15)


Sec 1 – Izzy Cartwright

Sec 2 – Tony Cartwright

Sec 3 – Paul Hempkins

Sec 4 – Dave Murphy

Sec 5 – Roger Kenyon

Sec 6 – Steve Walker

Sec 7 – Graham Pennington and Steve Blaxall

Sec 8 – Ange and Tim Godsmark

Sec 9 – Keith Ellis

Sec 10 – Gordon

Sec 11 – Harry South

Sec 12 – Trevor Bennett

Sec 13 – Mike Griffiths

Sec 14 – Alec Roberts

Sec 15 – Roger Smith

Sec 16 – Terry Millichap and Patrick Forde

Sec 17 – Keith Jones

Sec 18 – Malcolm Hobson

Sec 19 – Pete Thomas

Sec 20 – Celyn Jones

Bike Stats:

British Bike – 58 (+5 on 2018)

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S – 15 (-5 on 20198)

Twinshock – 61 (+12 on 2018)

A/C Mono – 40 (+2 on 2018)

Total = 174 (+14 on 2018)


Expert – 49 (-4 on 2018)

Clubman – 125 (+18 on 2018)

Class Detail

Twinshock Expert – 15 (-5 on 2018)

Twinshock Clubman – 46 (+17 on 2018)

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S Expert – 4 (same as 2018)

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S Clubman – 11 (-5 on 2018)

Monoshock Expert – 9 (-5 on 2018)

Monoshock Clubman – 31 (+7 on 2018)

British Bike Expert – 21 (+6 on 2018)

British Bike Clubman – 37 (-1 on 2018)


British Bikes:

Ariel – 3 (-1 on 2018)

BSA – 28 (+6 on 2018)

DOT – 3 (+1 on 2018)

Drayton – 3 (-1 on 2018)

Francis Barnett – 5 (+1 on 2018)

Greeves – 1 (same as 2018)

James – 4 (-1 on 2018)

Matchless – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Saracen – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Triumph – 8 (-3 on 2018)

Unknown – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Historic Spanish and Pre 78:

Bultaco – 6 (-3 on 2018)

Montesa – 3 (+2 of 2018)

Ossa – 5 (same as 2018)

Suzuki – 1 (-1 on 2018)


Aprilia – 3 (+ 3 on 2018)

Armstrong – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Beta – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Bultaco – 2 (+2 0n 2018)

Fantic – 25 (+7 on 2018)

Gori – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Honda – 13 (+5 on 2018)

Kawasaki – 2 (same as 2018)

Majesty – 2 (-5 on 2018)

Montesa – 1 (same as 2018)

Ossa – 1 (+1 on 2018)

RTX – 1 (+1 on 2018)

SWM – 2 (-3 on 2018)

Whitehawk – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Yamaha Std TY – 5 (-2 on 2018)

Aircooled Mono:

Aprilla – 2 (+2 on 2018)

Armstrong – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Beta – 1 (-3 on 2018)

Fantic – 9 (same on 2018)

GasGas – 1 (-3 on 2018)

Honda – 10 (-1 on 2018)

Montesa – 1 (+1 on 2018)

Yamaha – 15 (+2 on 2018)

Kia Event Report – Plas Onn (Feb 18)

Event Report by Rob Sloggett, Patrick Forde, Steve Bird and Mark Gaskell. Photos kindly by Gillian McAveety

Well it was a cold start to Sunday morning but a warm reception greeted the 140+ riders who had pre-registered for the opening round of the 2108 Kia Twinshock Championship. This was Aqueducts third year of hosting a round and we felt honored to carry the responsibility of the opening event in its fourth season. Plas Onn is a great venue and the club team had exploited the area to its full potential, mixing the areas used for the regular club event sections with some new land opportunities. I was observing on Section 8, one of the new areas and if my section was anything to go by, it was clear everybody was going to have a great day.

Many thanks to those people who have contributed to the report and the soundbites in italics have been grabbed from social media.

Steve Bird – Yamaha TY250R, Aircooled Monoshock Expert

We warmed up for the Trial with one of Chris De Burgers full English breakfasts. Well fuelled and time for a little wander round the new car park, specially built for the trial, to catch up with people after the break and check out the lovely variety of bikes. The venue was fantastic with a wide variety of hazards. Rocky streams, muddy banks, roots and even some icy patches to add to the mix. Not forgetting the breath-taking views of course.

Sec 6 was my favourite and undoubtedly the hardest section on the day. It was only my 2nd section so still a bit cold. Having dropped down the stream there was an awkward rutted approach through mud up some very difficult root steps which tried to throw you the wrong way into the fence! I hit the roots a little off balance and needed a dab on landing. Next there was an awkward camber leading to a steep, slippery muddy bank. I had spotted a new line on the bank which although was much steeper, did away with the turn that was catching everyone out. It was a bit risky and would only work if I was on line with good speed. With the Yam in 3rd I hit it as fast as the sparse grip on the short run up would allow and thankfully sailed up. I managed to keep feet up for the turn and drop, knocked down a gear and picked up good drive for the slippery rocky climb to the exit. It was a good confidence booster and I was pleased to finish the lap with just another 5 separate dabs.

All was going well for lap 2, cleaning all the sections I’d dabbed on until Sec 12. A relatively easy section, I didn’t take another look for the second lap and promptly took a wrong turn missing the flag. I tried to recover with a big foot down pivot, but quite rightly the observer was having none of it!! A stupid 5 to give away. This was a bit of a wake up and seeing rivals near me have some excellent rides I dug deep and managed to finish the 2nd lap for no further loss.

I have to say I thought the sections were brilliant, the organisers managed to get the severity perfect. Some easy, some hard but nothing dangerous. A good ride rewarded a clean but you had to work for them and mistakes were punished. I think most riders appreciate a Trial where they can recover from a mistake, I certainly did. Thank you to everyone involved, see you all soon.

Helen (on behalf of Paul Hobson) – Paul really enjoyed the whole event but enjoyed Sections 6,7,8 and 9 the best. Over the hill, a bit of mud and tree roots. As an watcher, I enjoyed watching sections 14 and 20 and may have a go myself next time.

Mark Gaskell – Drayton Triumph 350 Twin, Clubman route

First of all, I must congratulate all the team at Aqueduct Classics for such a fantastic event. To cater for so many riders at such a level requires a huge amount of work and organisation, and a lot of thankless hours. So it’s a big thank you from me!

Section 7 – A slimy start, into a deep water filled rut, then a short upward slope to a choice. Slippery clay on the left, wet mud over rock on the right. Hmm. Then up a cambered slope to an evil looking root step. There was one spot where two roots crossed and your back wheel could gain purchase and keep you pointing ahead. I made the right hand choice, but then slipped off a rock and had to paddle hard to keep going forward. Managed to get through to the root step, pointed and squirted and cleared it nicely, but then hadn’t enough momentum to get out through the flags. The observer generously judged that my axle was through, and gave me three.

Section 8 – This should have been bread and butter to the Twin. Cross a small stream, then blast up a hill, turn right over some roots and out. Sadly, I messed up the hill, had to turn round at the bottom to try and get out, got stuck on the roots and needed a hefty pull from Barry to get me moving again. Unfortunately at this point I hit a metaphorical wall, which I blame on some sort of virus. I decided that one lap was enough, discretion the better part of valour, and slunk off home to sleep for 11 hours straight.

Section 15 A familiar section, but in reverse. The entrance caused the most stroking of chins and scratching of heads. A downward slope to an off camber root step between two trees. Choosing an angle of approach anywhere in a 90 degree radius gave options between finesse and momentum. I took momentum and 60 degrees, clearing the step with ease, but then finding myself in a spot with no grip! Thankfully it picked up and made the right turn into the streambed, following it down to a gap which didn’t look wide enough for the Triumph, but was. Left turn at the bottom then pick a path over some rocks before a greasy bank to the exit for a clean.

Section 19 Another reversed section. Right, across the stream,up a short greasy bank and turn left round a tree before going back down the bank and recrossing the stream. Round the trees before turning left up a rooty climb, with a step just before the end cards. Could you get front axle through if your back wheel stopped at the step? Hmm. I found too much grip on the greasy bank, which launched me down the other side with my front wheel in the air. Spectacular, but ineffective, as I had to dab to steady myself. Applying plenty of right hand on the rooty climb meant that the step became irrelavant, but scattered spectators on the fire road above as momentum carried me too far.

Section 20 Do not try to pose for the camera. That is all. Three.

Graham Pennington – Small Club, Big Event, superb organisation thanks to all for taking the time to plan set up and run. Huge thanks to Landowner Barry for use of his farm and ‘new’ van park

Rob Sloggett – Observer Section 8

Wrapped up in plenty of layers, I took my trusty 175 Sherpa for the long run over to Section 8. Getting there and walking the two routes, the Expert route looked daunting. A straight entry into a stream gully was straight forward but the whole gully was strewn with shale and slate fragments that just shifted underfoot. The first set of riders were going to struggle with this! Then a steepening climb still in the gully traversed left into a 180 right on an upward camber. Into a mud pit for a few meters then fire up a mud bank with an over handing thick branch as you got on the throttle. The Clubman route looked OK. Enter the gully but this time you did not enter the main gully but traversed across it then up a muddy bank between some trees. The area then opened out wide to line you up for a set of flags over a root and rock cluster (still moving up hill) and  simple right turn out of the end cards.

As the day went on, the Expert route tended to ease up as the shale stream bed scrubbed out giving more grip but the turn and the mud pit did still catch some riders out. The Clubman route was a different story, and the later riders were definately caught out as the sun trap drew the frosty moisture out of the ground and made the first phase of the section slippery. Unless you were really committed and got the line right, twos and threes (and a number of fives) came into play.

We had some great rides on this section and as always, it is great to see the cross section of riders and bikes. My ride of the day has to go to Jacob Potts on his little TY125 on the clubman route. After missing the section, he came to the section late and missed the advantage of the ground conditions on the early part of the day. A tough 5 on his first try, he dug deep, dropped a gear, gave it the beans for a lovely clean.

Fredina Minshall – Huge thanks to the Aqueduct Classic for hosting the first round of the Kia National Twinshock Trials Championship. It’s a big challenge for the rest of the clubs to follow. Great to see everyone .

Patrick Forde – Observer Section 19

From the point of someone who normally competes, section 19 looked like it would not proved too difficult, at least for the clubman route. This didn’t proved to be the case. The riders started by immediately turning right to ride up a bank , before rounding a tree and dropping back down again. This proved to be the first hurled for some, especially as the terrain began to show signs of use. Quite a few found themselves dropping marks as they rounded the tree, getting stuck, or occasionally hitting the tree. This was followed by crossing the rocky stream bed to round another tree, with what then looked like a simple straight ride up a stream. The sting in this was a rock step which due to the cold weather proved to be more slippy than expected. This was the cause of a number of riders dropping a 5, as they often ended up struggling and going backwards.

The expert route started with a sharp left to round a tree, followed by crossing the stream bed. This was follow by riding up a bank, turning left to round a tree and back down again. Now came probably the hardest part for them. As they dropped back down, they had to turn sharp right and without much time or space, ride up a rock bank, with water running down. These rocks were unstable in places. Immediately after getting to the top of this, the riders performed a left u turn and dropped back down. Over time quite a rut formed at the bottom, with quite a few nearly getting caught out by this. This followed by arching to the right, to pick up the rock step used by the clubman, follow a stream over rocks and out the section.

It must be said though that the riders , regardless of how they did, rode with smiles on their faces.

Peter Thomas – Great day out, thanks for use of the van to sit in and observe and thanks to Gordon for the lift to the trial. My section (20) looked difficult, no cleans on expert route until three experts arrived and cleaned what looked impossible. Riders said the event was difficult but its a national trial

I think I can close by saying that the club can hold its head high with a great event and a level of organisation that is expected with such an established National Event. As always thanks have got to go to Barry for the use of the land, Chris for keeping everyone fed and full of hot tea plusthe team who spent the last 3 weeks marking out the sections. A big thanks have got to go to everyone of the observers who stood out on a very cold day. 20 sections is alot to man and its testimony to the friendship within the club that makes people want to support events like this.

Finally acknowledgement has got to go to Russ for keeping the vision of the club growing and with the close family and friend approach makes reports like this such a pleasure to collate.

Top Places:

Twinshock Expert: Richard Allen, Honda (15)

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S Expert: Christopher Kyers, Bultaco (52)

Monoshock Expert: Steve Bird, Yamaha (11)

British Bike Expert: Philip Houghton, Triumph (18)

Twinshock Clubman: Gary Hawkins, Fantic (9)

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S Clubman: Robin Oliphant, Suzuki (23)

Monoshock Clubman: Paul Whittaker, Fantic (16)

British Bike Clubman – Jim Pickering, Drayton Bantam (7)


Sec 1 – Fiona Brimelow

Sec 2 – Geoff Jones

Sec 3 – Trevor Bennett

Sec 4 – Harry South

Sec 5 – Bryan Devereux

Sec 6 – Paul Cartwright

Sec 7 – Tim Godsmark

Sec 8 – Rob Sloggett

Sec 9 – James Bell

Sec 10 – Angela Godsmark

Sec 11 – Gordon

Sec 12 – Steve Walker

Sec 13 – Pete Raisford

Sec 14 – Dave Williams

Sec 15 – Andy Steele

Sec 16 – Mike Sutton

Sec 17 – Vernon Roberts

Sec 18 – Roger Kenyon

Sec 19 – Patrick Forde

Sec 20 – Pete Thomas

Bike Stats:

British Bike – 53

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S – 20

Twinshock – 49

A/C Mono – 38

Total = 160


Expert – 53

Clubman – 107

Class Detail

Twinshock Expert – 20

Twinshock Clubman – 29

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S Expert – 4

Historic Spanish + Pre78 T/S Clubman – 16

Monoshock Expert – 14

Monoshock Clubman – 24

British Bike Expert – 15

British Bike Clubman – 38


British Bikes:

Ariel – 4

BSA – 22

DOT – 2

Drayton – 4

Francis Barnett – 4

Greeves – 1

James – 5

Triumph -11

Historic Spanish and Pre 78:

Bultaco – 9

Jawa – 1

Montesa – 1

Ossa -5

Suzuki – 2

Yamaha – 2


Beamish Suzuki – 1

Fantic – 18

Honda – 8

Kawasaki – 2

Montesa – 1

SWM – 5

Yamaha Majesty – 7

Yamaha TY – 7

Aircooled Mono:

Beta – 4

Fantic – 9

GasGas – 4

Honda – 7

Yamaha – 13

Unlisted – 1

Event Report – Kia Championship (Sept 17)

Set up of one of the sections

Report information collated by Rob Sloggett

Sunday 17th September saw Aqueduct Classics host Round 7 of the National Kia Twinshock Championship. This has been the third year the club has hosted a round and after the first two years at Carrog Isa, this year moved to the fantastic forestry at Llanbrynmair Forest, previously used for the clubs annual Foel Y Classeur and National Bantam Championship.

A total entry card of 117 riders was distributed with 89 riders registered across the Clubman route and with the twinshock and Pre 72 classes respectfully registering 40 and 32 entries across both routes.

The venue always offers a challenging set of sections and the Aqueduct team did not disappoint this year with the streams playing a predominant part of the layout. The format of this report is made up of short soundbites and contributions from the riders and observers. We hope you enjoy reading it….

Facebook soundbites:

Proper trial, proper sections,well done everybody involved,really enjoyed it – Adrian Kent

Thanks to all the people involved with today trial, haven’t ridden any thing so hard for a long time didn’t help having a bit of an off ( well big off really) on the first section seemed a long way down from the top of the falls, landed on my hand not sure if i can open my wallet now for a few weeks – Mike Hughes

Just home from what id call the hardest trials iv ever done. It was a round of the british KIA twinshock championship. Really hard sections for me on old bessy but i tried to up my game and ride hard. Big thanks to Russell Jones and the team at aqueduct classic club for putting on a great 2 days of trials. And thanks to Mark Newman and Mark Gaskell for the company and entertainment . And to the observers for sitting at there posts allday. Hot bath and early bed for this old soldier – Paul Owen

Big thanks to all the organisers for a great trial. Thanks also to the photographers for making us look good. Enjoyable day out, I am healing slowly – Nick Boxall

I would like to thank the organizers of today’s kia round and also the observers, I started at section 12 and was soon at the stream sections which were very slippery. But what a change on the 2nd lap -grip! Great trial well worth the 3 hour drive – Steve Bisby

Riders and Observers contributions

I feel very privileged to ride at such an amazing venue. From the stunning scenery to the varied and challenging sections. The section severity was perfect for my class, each one cleanable with a good ride and in keeping with the no stop rules. Impossible to pick a favourite, although the stream sections 1 to 6 and 15 to 19 were particularly enjoyable. I hope you run a round here again – Steve Bird (Monoshock Expert)

KIA championship Foel . Set in the welsh hills this 20 miles of 40 section over 2 lap was very challenging for me on a 1949 rigid bantam but i like a challenge. All the sections were rideable and very enjoyable. Here are a few of my favourites. Section 11 looked difficult as i walked it with really tight turns and step climbs and drops. It was a uphil start with a tight right turn then left over slippy tree roots and around a tree into a deep muddy puddle then straight up a 4 metre bank with a rock half way up . Once at the top it was a tight right down a gully then a drop off into another muddy bog that led to a stoney right turn up the bank then drop back down to a immediately steep left climb between the heather then a climb to the out gate. Section 20 was a basic looking section down off the mountain road. With a steady ride down over some fallen branches that wanted to wipe the front wheel way. Then into a tight left turn and a gentle off camber rooted bank to a very steep lose dirt climb but it suited my rigid bantam ticking over in 2nd gear up to the out gate – Paul Owen (Pre 72 Britshock Clubman)

Aqueduct did nothing special, just put in sticks to natural terrain, but seeing that terrain took some planning, and did it oh so well, if you ride a trial bike you want a challenge not a {easy [ed ammended]} ride. ACC did just that – Eirian Davies (Historic Spanish Clubman)

The Foel is one of the highlights of my trials calendar, offering some superb riding and fantastic scenery with its forest and moorland setting. This year had the added bonus of being one of the rounds of the Kia National Twinshock championship to spice things up a bit. Unfortunately we were unable to make the club trial on the Saturday, but rolled up eager to go on the Sunday. My bike was running perfectly, jetting issues had been cleared up, suspension spot on, brakes were, erm, reasonable. After escorting Denise, her daughter, and her dog to the section where they were observing, I rode back to join my two riding partners for the day. Mark Newman was on a Drayton Triumph Twin similar to my own, Paul Owen on his trusty rigid Bantam. Mark and I are recent converts to the Twins, having only built them in the last few months. We are both really pleased with the way they ride, and especially the way they sound! The sections were tough, not impossible, but needing you to have brought your best riding trousers with you. It soon became apparent that mine weren’t with me today. Rather than describe each of the sections, I’ll list my scores for the first lap. Four cleans, a one, three five’s and twelve three’s. Giving an average of 2.6 per section. Not my ‘A’ game for sure, so I opted to retire and helped out at Denise’s section for the rest of the day. There is no shame in quitting, I keep telling myself, shamefully. As usual, the organisers deserve all the credit and praise that I heard bandied about for a worthy championship trial. I know they went above and beyond the call of duty to make the event work. Section setters, admin, caterers, observers, dogsbodies, thank you all. Sorry I couldn’t reward all your hard work with a decent ride! – Mark Gaskell (Pre 72 Britshock Clubman)

I take photographs of the riders and to talk to them either before or after the sections. You know when to do so and have the banter with then. I always try and catch up with as many as I can to see how they find the course. I had spoke with Jim Waters (a young lad riding a TY175 in the Historic Spanish Clubman class) who said the venue was stunning and it was a very well set out course with some technical but very challenging sections. He said the club had done a fantastic job for the Kia round, up there with  the rest of the rounds as he has gone to then all – Gillian Lawson (Photographer and trials blogger)

Riding my trusty TY Yamaha in the Clubman class, here’s a selection of section reports.

Section1: What a section this was! Mainly in the river but getting down to the water was a challenge. The section opened with a gentle descent through gloopy mud which led to a choice of 3 deeps ruts in the the river bank taking you steeply down to the water. It was a drop where gravity was in full control with me hanging on in free-fall needing a long dab each time to regain some control. There followed a climb up the stream trying to keep tight to the right hand bank to avoid hidden traps of deep water, to then hit a waterfall of 2.5-3ft in height. I got up this for a 1 first lap but bounced off it backwards on my 2nd attempt. Section 3: A nice preamble up the stream with a nasty rock to the left which had to be attacked hard as to its left the water concealed a deep hole which captured many front wheels for an inevitable 5. I rode the Yam straight over the rock feet-up both times but had a slack dab right on the end cards on lap1. Section 6: Having dropped into the stream from the left bank there followed 50 yards flowing upstream across a selection of deep pools and rocks to then cut across and out onto the far bank avoiding following the tyre marks of an early rider who went the wrong side of the end cards. I plotted my route carefully but ended up riding a totally different path as each time the early rocks forced an unplanned change of direction though I still managed to hang on for 2 cleans. Section 10: Loved this one! It opened with a steep rock step of 2ft+, followed quickly by another, to then traverse a muddy bog and straight onto a steep climb which luckily retained its grip despite the mud being carried onto it. There followed a steep descent down a rock face and two careful right turns to the ends. Two cleans for me. Section 11: This started with a tight right onto a bank with a rising/ falling left turn onto a seriously steep hillclimb which at the top had a tight right around a clump of tall heather which obscured the view of the narrow path that formed the way down. At the bottom of this was a drop into a sump which I underestimated just how much it would grab the front as the forks fully compressed costing me a 2 to recover. Second lap I lifted the front a little to jump onto the far bank to remain clean. Section 12: For me, staring the trial via the second loop first, this was my first section of the day. I found it scary! A small rock step followed by a steep climb to then traverse along the top and across a root strewn camber ( I remember losing the front there on my Ossa some years ago) to then make the first of the nasty, scary turns. This was was a 90 right, sharply down the hill, the issue being a deep rut which was so difficult to get into. Two choices – keep your front high to the left and let the back drop into the rut but then the front still had to be pulled into line causing a nose dive sensation of falling, or let the front follow the rut but the back would then kick up on the heather before it followed – again gravity taking full control. I needed a big dab each time and I’m sure I had my eyes closed! Once down and control regained there was then a steep climb to a righthand U-turn back down again. You needed to keep left to open up the turn as the descent had a similar scary rut through the heather. Keeping left was almost impossible though as the camber pulled you across to the right, tightening the turn, and making the descent far more scary (eyes closed again for me). Another dab each time here but two 2s was a satisfying outcome given what could have happened. Glad it wasn’t four laps. Section13: This section circled around a muddy pond almost like a basin,starting with a steep climb to then turn left and follow the rim through a muddy root strewn bog and a 90 left around a tree to a steep descent with a sawn tree stump sticking up right where you didn’t want to to be to make the turn smoothly. The camber of the descent drew you across towards the water and a quick cross camber climb before crossing some very deep water led to the ends. I cleaned it first lap but then later got too enthusiastic on the first climb ending up overshooting into the heather and needing a big one to recover and then another one at the base of the descent somewhat annoyed with myself. Section 15: Great section this one. A drop into a narrow stream gulley from the roadside, a gentle climb over several rock steps, to a slippy 90 left and a short blast up a very greasy root covered climb and once over the summit some careful turns to a swoop up and down the bank and out. A the base of the first descent was an awkwardly placed rock which caught my front first lap and cost a few marks but second lap I held it together for a clean. Sections 16, 17 & 18. These were back to back in the stream. The first had a drop in, a nasty rock step to climb the left bank and then drop back into the stream to cross some deep water before attacking a big rock step waterfall which was like glass. I got a great line both times and rode it clean each time despite slipping everywhere when I tried to walk it. The next had a tricky entrance with a nasty rock step on the turn followed by an innocuous looking gentle climb ( which cost me a dab!) to cross the stream again to the ends. Finally 18 started with an upstream gentle climb, threading between visible rocks and deep water to attack a rock step on the edge of the left bank and onwards to the ends. A clean and a daft 1 for me.

For me Foel isn’t just about the sections themselves, the terrain in between is also a massive challenge. 4th and 5th gear blasts for miles along the forest tracks had my WES silencer so overheated the oil soaked wadding inside it set on fire, whereas some of the bog-crossing routes between sections had me almost carrying the bike. Strength sapping but an enjoyable, adrenaline fuelled day. Thanks to all who put in the work to organise, set the sections out, and of course to the observers, especially Amy who had the misfortune of a ride in an ambulance. Get well soon! – Ian Emery (Monoshock Clubman)

As usual, thanks have got to be made to the event organisers and the observers (and our best wishes to Ami following your tumble whilst observing!). I think looking at the feedback and the volume of photos taken, a simple thank you probably does not do it! Dont forget that all of the photos can be found on the Aqueduct facebook page and also on the Kia Twinshock Trials page.

Photos kindly reproduced following permission of Edward Wain, Andrea Godsmark and Gillian Lawson – https://trialsguru.wordpress.com/east-midlands-trials/

Top Places:

Twinshock Expert – Richard Allen, Honda (17); Matt Spink, Suzuki (40); Olly Wareing, Fantic (52)

Twinshock Clubman – Martin Gilbert, Honda (7); Stephen Robson, Fantic (14); Paul Cook, SWM (18)

Monoshock Expert – Steve Bird, Yamaha (10); Dan Sanders, Yamaha (14); David Carter, Gas Gas (17)

Monoshock Clubman – Colin Pedley, Yamaha (5); Gary Hawkins, Honda (8); Gary Fleckney, Honda (22)

Historic Spanish Expert – Gary Younghusband, Bultaco (29); Dave Wood, Bultaco (49); Stephen Bisby, Ossa (58)

Historic Spanish Clubman – Eirian Davies, Yamaha (10); James Waters, Yamaha (16); Chris Kent, Bultaco (26)

Pre 72 Britshock Expert – James Francis, BSA (24); Martin Stanistreet, James (57); Pete Morris, Triumph (63)

Pre 72 Britshock Clubman – Peter Edwards, BSA (7); Keith Gardner, Triumph (14); John Souch, Triumph (17)

Note: Keith Wells shows on provisional results in Twinshock Clubman but on a BSA (15 marks). Corrected classification may change the above.


1. Roger Kenton

2. Annette Cole

3. Pete Thomas

4. Karen Newman

5. Amy Newman

6. Graham Pennington

7. Tony Cartwright

8. Geoff Jones

9. Dave Williams

10. Pete Cottrell

11. Chris ( De Burger) Jones

12. Fiona Brimlow

13. Graham Miller

14. Denise Blunt

15. Ange Godsmark

16. Albert

17. Tim Godsmark

18. Gordon

19. Brad

20. Rob Goodwin

Bike Stats:

Total Enteries = 117 of which 89 were Clubman


Twinshock Expert = 9

Twinshock Clubman = 31

Monoshock Expert = 8

Monoshock Clubman = 20

Historic Spanish Expert = 5

Historic Spanish Clubman = 12

Britshock Expert = 6

Britshock Clubman = 26


Pre 72:

Ariel – 1

BSA – 17

DOT – 2

Francis Barnett – 2

James – 2

Triumph – 8


Aprilla – 1

Bultaco – 1

Fantic – 15

Honda – 12

Kawasaki – 1

Ossa – 1

SWM – 3

Suzuki – 1

Yamaha Majesty – 2

Yamaha TY – 2

Historic Spanish Twinshock:

Bultaco – 4

Kawasaki – 1

Montesa – 2

Ossa – 3

Suzuki – 2

Yamaha TY – 5

Aircooled Mono:

Beta – 2

Fantic – 5

GasGas – 2

Honda – 8

Yamaha – 11