Aqueduct Classics Data Protection Policy

On 25th May 2018, new legislation came into force which controls how all organisations (including small clubs) manage personal information. As our understanding of this expands we will be using this page to keep you updated including access to our data policy, how we manage data on the website and your rights in terms of accessing data we hold and your rights to have it deleted.

A full copy of our policy can be found here:

Recent research has allowed us to understand that regarding the publishing of photographs the following applies:
“If, due to the restricted circumstances of the shot, the photographer is not a realistic position to obtain the consent and would still like to use the photograph for purposes falling outside the household exemption, this Office recommends the blurring of the face as a possible approach to render the individual unidentifiable.”
With this in mind we need to inform all riders that entry (via a signed entry form) into the event acts as permission / consent for the taking of photographs and the granting of ongoing permission to be used on the club website and social media platforms with faces visible.