Bike Reviews

We are hoping to develop this over the next 6 months or so and have a few articles in the pipeline. At the moment the format will be fluid as it starts to take shape.

If you have any ideas or would like to get involved, please get in contact.


BSA Bantam – twinshock vs rigid

Montesa 348 vs Beamish 325 vs Bultaco 175

Coming soon:

  1. Mini Majesty vs Standard Majesty
  2. Montesa MH349 vs Ossa Gripper vs Bultaco
  3. Bultaco 175 special
  4. Two owners views of the AC Gas Gas

Other ones in the pipeline (fell free to jump in if you can help with these)

  1. Fantic 200 vs 240 comparison
  2. BSA 2 stroke vs 4 stroke comparison
  3. Two owners views of the Triumph twin
  4. Honda TLM vs TLR
  5. AC TY Mono – a set of owners comparison of their bikes
  6. Pre 65 vs Twinshock – a look across two eras
  7. Less popular but not less capable? Single articles looking at thing like Greeves, DOT, Armstrong, Aprillia etc