Competition under Covid – Guidelines as at 18/09/20

This will be in force until either advised that they are lifted or superceeded by newer guidelines.

1. Face covering are mandatory at all times within the farmyard before the event start.

2. Please sign on in immediately in order to avoid queues. Sign on is necessary to comply with IOPD conditions and also C19 ‘Track and Trace’.

3. Hand sanitiser must used before sign on. Pens must be placed in the container provided after use, not be handed to another rider unless from the same household. This will avoid any risk of contamination occurring to the riders or any club official.


5. Riders will be split into 10 groups of

6. Your group number will be displayed on your rider number which you will receive when you sign on.

6. You must attend the Pre Event Brief at 10.45 am prompt, where you need to maintain social distancing of 2 meters.

7. You will be dispatched from the farmyard, in your group of 6 into the quarry where you will be met by an official and directed to your start section.

8. You must stay within your group. Any rider found ‘out of group’ will be asked to leave the event. The only exception being mechanical breakdown in which a rider needs to return to their vehicle for repairs.

9. You will be allowed to leave fuel or tools in a designated area within the course to avoid unnecessary movement around the venue. Please ensure that you have enough fuel to complete the event. Tools and fuel can transported down in an official vehicle (see Marshalls prior to start).

10. When in the section, you must not approach the observer under any circumstances, please keep a safe distance from the observer.

11. If there are any unobserved sections please nominate a rider within your group to observe. Sanitising wipes will be available and MUST BE USED for wiping the observer board ahead of the following group of riders.

12. Walking a section is to be kept to a minimum to avoid queuing, once walked you will return to your machine in readiness to ride.

13. Each group will attempt a section and then move on together to the next, if the next section is still occupied by the group ahead then your group will remain in the holding area behind the yellow line until the section is clear, before proceeding.

14. Once all sections have been completed you will be required to return to your vehicle, and leave the venue. There will be strictly no ‘Practicing’ after the event.

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