Event Report – Nant Ucha (May 17)

Event Report by Mark Gaskell and Richard Beddoes

We hope you enjoy reading this months event report. We have tried to give you as much information as possible and it is interesting this month amongst the 91 entries to see that a third were cleanly split across both the Pre – 65 and Twinshock classes with 15 BSA’s and 7 Bultacos topping the bike marques on this event. It is great to see how healthy the entries are in these classes. Another surprise in the numbers was 40 riders contesting the Intermediate route. The extra challenge provided by this class appears to be getting very popular!

This month we have also added in a section with the names of the observers. As well as acknowledging the help they provided to allow us to compete, it is nice to see their names so you can get to know them in person… As always a big thanks goes out to these volunteers who consistently turn up to help us enjoy our days sport.

Finally the usual thanks to Dave and the Kynaston family for the use of the venue and it was great to see you observing as well. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

This months event report is kindly contributed to by Mark Gaskell and Richard Beddoes.

Mark Gaskell (Intermediate) – Triumph Tiger Cub

The good weather seemed to boost the turnout, with a very full car park hinting at queues ahead. Nant Ucha is a fabulous venue, but narrow paths and streams require patience. At least you get to have the craic, and if you’re in a rush, you’re in the wrong sport!

Section 1 proved to be my nemesis this week, two 5’s for failing the step, a 5 for clearing the step, managing the bank, but then riding the wrong way through the exit, and a hard won 3.

Section 2 was the first of the (dry) stream bed sections, only my loss of concentration lost me a 3.

Section 3 involved a sinuous route over slimy rocks, which took 4 marks off me early on, until the slime wore off.

Section 4 more sinuous slimy rocks, followed by a short steep bank, and a long run out to the end. Looked far worse than it was, and I cleaned it three times. We won’t discuss the fourth attempt.

Section 5 gave me a distinct sense of deja vu. Same section, and same observer at which I had a tank/ Crown Jewels interface some months ago. That’s my excuse for a wobbly 3, fear!

Section 6 was a tough one. Slimy, sinuous rocks, with a slippery step that put you (me) on the wrong line for the exit, therefore ensuring that you (me) paddled through the end in a fairly pathetic fashion. At least that’s what I thought the observer said….

Section 7, and more of the same, with three flights of steps and a log to contend with. I managed this far better, only losing a 1 when put off by another competitor, who shall remain nameless (Moz)

Section 8. Rocks. Steep bank out of the rocks, then back to the rocks. Rocky.

Sections 9 and 10 were joined, and flowed together, like a stream. A slimy rock infested stream, with rocks, and slime. Sorry, got carried away there for a minute! A silly dab at the start of section 9 ruined a clean sheet there, which was a pity. The exit to section 10 needed very precise positioning, which is why I only cleaned it twice.

Great to see so many familiar faces at the start, and a huge thank you to all who contributed to such a splendid trial. I ache now, but in a good way.

Richard Beddoes – Beginner/Easy AJS 500cc Single Rigid

A glorious day in sunshine, with friendly faces and plenty of interesting bikes to admire, Nant Ucha is where I practice on my modern 250 beta to hone my skills. The chance to ride the big AJS there proved challenging, and very difficult at times, a rigid rear end, and a total weight of 160KG’s makes the AJS a real exhausting and often frightening venture, but it is very rewarding! When queuing and speaking to people they were very interested in the bike, but they also made funny comments, such as ‘Are you crazy?’, ‘You’re a brave man!’ & ‘You must be mental!

Section 1: Not much to challenge here, straight across the top of the bank and didn’t even have to get wet!

Section 2: Rather more of a challenge, starting in the twisting gulley, planning the route was key with the AJS as turns and greasy rocks make it a real fight, dropping only one mark but I was pleased with the result

 Section 3: Right at the bottom with Mr Kynaston kindly observing, straight across the stream proved easy enough, the only real challenge being the step at the end, but I still managed to get the bike airborne!

Section 4: Dropping into the water the only real test here was the turn before heading up the bank, the AJS is so wide that getting maximum width on turns is key but I managed to get to the top comfortably for a good blast along the bank

Section 5: Straight into the water again and creeping through the rocks, they were very greasy and kicked the bike around, maximum attack here to keep feet up and prepare for the climb out which I needed plenty of speed for.

Section 6: This section proved to be the hardest technically, starting on the other side of the stream into the first right hand bend I had to get the line right for the second tight right hander, with a big horrible rock in the middle. Straight across the stream and up the bank and it still wasn’t over; I had to force the AJS over a big tree root avoiding a rock, towards the end gates. I made a real hash of this on the first lap but the second lap amazingly I cleaned it!! Frankly, the bike could have packed up there Id have still been smiling pushing it back, loved it!!

Section 7: Amazingly only one mark lost, through three long stretches of rocks and deep pools of water, a ‘works’ dab here saw me through and I even think that by accident on the last lap I rode some of the inter route! (Always up for a challenge)

Section 8: A deceptively hard section, only one line on the easy route in my opinion over the slippy rocks, my best ride was a dab on the last lap, the first lap I stalled on the turn followed by the words Bo****ks (apologies to bystanders and readers….)

Section 9: Only one attempt, the turn at the top round the tree put me in a bit of a mess and thundering back down the hill wasn’t worth the risk, three 5’s requested from an understandingly sympathetic observer (Most observers are curious as to why you ask for a five, to which I pointed at the AJS and received an agreeable nodd)

Section 10: Only one attempt following number 9, a near ripped off exhaust put this one out of the running for me but the first 8 were great for me I would like to thank all the observers and organisers for another fantastic event, I will be out on the AJS at the next one for everyone to see, if you would like to try it then just ask, despite the size she ticks over beautifully and is very enjoyable to ride.

Now…….Where’s that plug spanner ?!

Our next event will be on Sunday 11th June at Pen Y Graig. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Top Places:

Pre 65 Expert: Kev Ellis, BSA (43)

Pre 65 Intermediate: David Beddoes, Villiers (7); Gavin Andrews, BSA (14); Jim Pickering, BSA (17)

Pre 65 Clubman: Mark Lucas, BSA (13); Peter Elvidge, BSA, (16); Les Richardson, Villiers (26)

Pre 65 Beginner: Richard Beddoes, AJS (55)

Twinshock Expert: Phil Houghton, Honda (1); Danny Littlehales, Fantic (18); Tony Gush, Majesty (21)

Twinshock Intermediate: Paul Shacklady, Bultaco (17); Paul Cook, SWM (18); Stephen Knight, Yamaha (20)

Twinshock Clubman: Graham Pennington, Bultaco (47); Phil Cottiga, Fantic (48); Matt Hopkins, Yamaha (49)

Twinshock Beginner: Chris Jones, Yamaha (83)

AC Mono Expert: Phil Hulme, Yamaha (30)

AC Mono Intermediate: Paul Young, GasGas (12); Ian Emery, Yamaha (34); Paul Cartwright, Beta (51)

AC Mono Clubman: Steven Blaxall, Fantic (54)

AC Mono Beginner: No entries

Modern Mono Expert: Tomos Price, Sherco (67)

Modern Mono Intermediate: Lewis Hurdsman, Beta (19); Paul Hempkins (19); Sam Storr, Beta (28)

Modern Mono Clubman: Paul Grocott (31); Richard Corbett, Beta (32); Thomas Atherton, GasGas (35)

Modern Mono Beginners: No finishers


Sec 1 -Albert

Sec 2 – Geoff

Sec 3 – David and Laura Kynaston

Sec 4 – Zara Lloyd

Sec 5 -Christine

Sec 6 – Mark

Sec 7 – Angela

Sec 8 – Jan

Sec 9 – Gordon

Sec 10 – Annette

Bike Stats:

Pre 65 – 32
Twinshock – 31
A/C Mono – 10
Modern Mono – 18
Total = 91


Expert – 14
Intermediate – 40
Clubman – 27
Beginner – 10


Pre 65:
AJS – 1
Banville – 1
BSA – 15
DOT – 2
Francis Barnett – 1
James – 2
Norton –
Other – 1
Triumph – 6
Villiers – 2

Armstrong – 1
Beamish Suzuki – 1
Bultaco – 7
Fantic – 5
Honda – 5
Kawasaki – 1
Montesa – 1
Ossa – 1
SWM – 2
Yamaha Majesty – 2
Yamaha TY – 4

Aircooled Mono:
Aprilla – 2
Beta –  2
Fantic – 1
GasGas – 1
Honda – 2
Yamaha – 2

Modern Mono:
Beta – 8
GasGas – 2
Honda – 1
Montesa – 1
Other – 1
Scorpa – 1
Sherco – 4

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