Training and practice

Training and practice

One of the great attractions of trials as a hobby and sport is that it offers three types of challenge and progression.

The most natural is the challenge to yourself as each section where marks are dropped presents a natural desire to improve at the next attempt. The next challenge comes from riding with your friends and using them as a marker to get closer to their scores. Finally, trials operates a route or class structure that allows the rider to progress onto more complex challenges.

Whilst regular competition is a natural way of progressing, having regular practice, especially focusing on your weak areas or hazards that are uncommon can be a great way of progressing. Many members of the club meet regularly for a practice, if you would like to find out more please get in contact. These tend not to be advertised, as a mass of bikes at an informal practice event can introduce safety issues. In these cases a small intimate groups keeps it safe and adds to the fun.

We also have contacts with formal trials schools and can put you in contact if a more structured approach is something that interests you. A link to one of our members trials experiences can be found here.

Ultimately, as a club we want to help you to get maximum enjoyment from the support and of course as a Classic Trials Club, continue to attract people to the twinshock and Pre-65 scene!

Recommend practice venues:

  • Nant Ucha Farm - a great venue regularly used for our events and a practice venue for some of the countries top riders.
  • Swans Farm - see our venue page for more information
  • Dont forget your practice flags! These are readily available on Amazon and Ebay. Just search for "wire flag marks"