Bultaco 175 full rebuild by Rob Sloggett

Posted on Aug 26, 2018 at 7:00 PM

It has been a great bike over the last 5 years and has been a joy to ride but their is only so much cosmetic work you can do to keep a bike made in 1979 running. The full engine rebuild helped but the time has come to get serious!

Around February of this year (2018), I made a significant decision. Thin the number of bikes down and ride what I like. Not an easy task. Whilst I only have 3 bikes they all do something different. The Bultaco has really helped me improve in the twinshock class and after going through a Montesa 348, a Beamish 325 and then this one, it really is the bike that suits me so it has to stay! The TY Mono has been a labour of love and is probably an appreciating classic and the Evo just brings a smile to my face everytime I ride it but after watching the opening round of the Kia at Aqueduct in February I realised that with my aging years maybe Pre 65 is the way to go.

So decision made, a complete restore of the Bultaco, sell the TY or EVO (which ever one goes first), ride the other bike whilst I build a Pre 65 then by the end of 2018 have a new build Pre 65, a restored Bultaco and then sell whatever spare bike I have been riding this year (actually it ended up being the Evo as I sold the TY Mono to someone in the club).

So what shape is the rebuild going to take? Well the list is below and as each bit progresses I will complete the links. I am hoping to use this to learn a few new skills along the way so thats going to be interesting.

Rebuild Plan:


Planned Spend: £1000

Spent to date: £963.67

Work left (estimate): £180